Something strange is happening on 24 Carrot Island. People are going missing, and the virtual world’s carrots are disappearing as well. It’s up to you to get to the bottom of the mystery and to bring the Island back to its former splendor! Use our complete guide for the island to finish it and solve the mystery.

Step 1: To start off on the island, travel to Poptropica’s 24 Carrot Island by clicking on it within your map. Start walking left when you get there.

Step 2: Follow the path through Carrot Farm. You will start to see footprints. Follow the footprints until you arrive to the roof of the house. Once you are on the roof, go down the chimney.

Step 3: You will see a bowl. Click on it to pick it up. Then, go back down the way you got up and find Main Street. Once you are there, you will see a building called Carrot King Diner. Leave the house and go back to Main Street. Go inside the Carrot King Diner.

Step 4: Find the waiter and talk to her. Ask her to politely fill up the empty bowl with some milk. When she does, head back to the same house that you were just in. Go up to the roof and down the chimney. Go back to the Carrot Farm and go inside the house again. Put the bowl of milk back on the floor again.

Step 5: Jump up 2 floors above to your right, turn left and you will see a shower. Twist the knob for the hot water. When the cat appears, start to chase it .

Step 6: The cat will drink out of the bowl of milk. It will then start to follow you! Now, go back to Main Street and find Charlie’s Tools Shop. Once you go in there, find the woman who is missing her cat. Give her the cat.

Step 7: Accept the crowbar that the woman gives to you. Find the Factory. Go up to the top of the Factory and climb up to the roof. You will see a blueprint. Pick it up. Now, go back down to the bottom of the Factory.

Step 8: Once you are at the bottom, go towards the right and find the tunnel. You will need to use your crowbar that you received earlier to open it up.

Step 9: Once the tunnel opens up, go inside of it. You will come across the Carrot Transporter. Pick this up and save it for later on. Start jumping up and find a bridge.

Step 10: Go across the bridge and jump up and go across the bridge with the falling path. Then, go to the upper left of the room. Get past the rat. Once you have gone through, go up and enter the dark room within the Factory. Now, start going to the left.

Step 11: You will see the master engine. To turn on the power in the Factory, pull the first handle to the middle, pull the second handle down, and the third handle to the middle. Once the power turns on, start going to the right.

Step 12: Jump on top of the crates, and then jump towards the left. When you see the barrels, jump on top of them. You will see a mechanical arm that will start to move. When it gets close to you, jump on it! Then start to make your way to the vent.

Step 13: Go inside of the vent area. Open up your map and use it to get directions through the vent. First, go into the Processing Room. Once you arrive, locate the wire cutters that are on the ground. Pick them up. Keep going through the vent and you will exit it. Head back towards the Teleporting Device.

Step 14: You will teleport to the Freeze room. Go over to the Security System and use your Wire Cutters to get through the system. Once you get past, start to jump on top of the crates. Then, jump onto the light and you will eventually make it back to the vent area.

Step 15: Open up your map again and locate the Printing room. Once you arrive, go through and go towards the bottom. You will see a girl. Click on her to start talking. When you tell her to turn around, turn off her hat! A system password will be given to you.

Step 16: Now, head back to the Processing Room. Go all the way to the bottom and find the girl. When you see her, click on her to start talking. Once she turns around, turn off her hat again.

Step 17: Now, go all the way to the bottom right of the room and find the boy. Do the same thing, and turn off his hat. Now start to exit the room by going to the right.

Step 18: When you get to the door, you will start falling! Start going through the tunnel, and try your best to make it through all of the traps. Once you get past, go over and pick up the bunny ears.

Step 19: Take your metal bunny ears and put them on. This will be your disguise that you need to put on before you go through the same exit again. Once you get back through the exit, you will see Dr Hare! Find his ship and jump to the top of the platform.

Step 20: Then, find a boy near a computer. Click on him to start talking to him. Tell him to look behind him, and when he does, turn off his hat! Click on the computer and put in all of the codes. Here are the codes in order:

Password – fuzzybunny
Command – launch rabbit

Complete it by aiming your spaceship at the meteors to damage the ship. Hit 3 of the meteors and you will be able to escape! You can leave by using your transporter. Go back to Main Street and find the mayor. Click on him to start talking. You have now complete 24 Carrot Island on Poptropica!


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