by hichow

Get ready for a whole new type of online virtual world adventure on Poptropica. Enter the comic strip world of Big Nate – a wisecracking kid who holds the all-time record for detentions at this school. You’re on a mission to find a long-lost time capsule which, if found, can save the school from demolition. You’ll need help from Nate and his friends to complete your online virtual world quest!

Step 1: To start off on the island, travel to Poptropica’s Big Nate Island by clicking on it within your map. Once you arrive, you will meet a character called Big Nate. Nate has lost a time capsule that is over 100 years old, and he is going crazy, and looking for it.

Step 2:  Walk through the island. You have to collect nine comic strips. After you find them, enter a store called “Pop-in Shoppe”. Jump up to the top floor. On the green couch, there will be a comic strip. Take it, and go to the store named “Klassic Komix”. Talk with the guy that has an orange shirt and jeans.

Step 3: He lost his comic. He will give you a comic strip. Leave the “Klassic Komix” building and head over to the Photo Studio. On the light, there will be a comic strip. Go ahead and pick it up.

Step 4: Leave the Photo Studio building. To the right of the Photo Studio, there will be a pole. Climb to the top of it, and obtain the comic strip. Get back down from the pole, and head to the right. At Big Nate’s school, head inside the clubhouse. The clubhouse is labeled, “Kids Only”. Play the hangman game that says “JAIL”. There will be a different word to figure out each try. Once you figure out the game, you will receive a pack of Peanut Butter Crackers.

Step 5: Go outside. Head right until you run into a lighthouse. Climb up the ladder to the top of the lighthouse. There will be a comic strip once you reach the top, obtain it.

Step 6: Go back down. Keep heading left until you reach Big Nate’s school again. Go upstairs to reach the Science Lab. There will be a comic strip on the broken speaker, which is located on your way up. Go past Francis, to the left, until you reach a model of the Solar System.

Step 7: Jump on the skeleton to retrieve another comic strip located on the Solar System model. Go to the right, stop once you find a chemistry model. The chemistry model is located to the right of Francis. Your job at this model is to make a stink bomb. Pour half of the beaker with blue liquid, and half of the beaker with yellow liquid. The beaker should turn green. Leave the Science Lab and the school.

Step 8: On the right of the school, there should be wood scaffolding. Climb up until you find the last piece of the comic strip. Below is a chart on how to sort the comic strips.

New Kid: Umm excuse me. Nate: Hm?
New Kid: I’m new here and I’m new here, and…um..I’m sort of lost. Nate: Ah, Nate Wright at your service, dude! Where do you need to go?
New Kid: I’m trying to find the Art Room. Nate: Art Room! Gotcha! Stand here!
New Kid: Uh here? Nate: Right there! And don’t move!
New Kid: But! / Klik! FOOOMM
NateWell? Teddy: He overshot. He reached the nurse’s office.
Nate: Dang! TeddyWhich is probably a good place for him to end up

Step 9: Go to the “Klassic Komix” shop and hand the comics to the guy. He will give you a pack of stale gum and let you keep the comments for future reference.

Step 10: Exit the building and head right to the lighthouse. Climb up and talk to Mr. Rosa, Nate’s Art Teacher. Go ahead and ask him if you can look through the telescope. Exit the telescope after you look through it. On the right of the lighthouse, you will see a picture floating with the wind. Go on the ladder and jump off to grab it. This may be a tricky puzzle, but eventually, you will obtain it.

Step 11: Once you have obtained the picture, go to the Photo Studio and find the guy that manages School Pictures. Trade in the photo that you obtained, and he will give you scuba gear. Leave the Photo Studio and enter the school. Go to Nate’s locker. His locker is the one spilling with papers. The combination is 9305.

Step 12: Once you open it, the papers will all fall out. Click on the pile of papers. You will discover a school blueprint. Look through the blueprint. You will find out that there is a secret room. Close the locker and go down to the detention room. Do not enter the room, but stay outside. The Social Studies teacher will take you inside for detention.

Step 13: You can access the secret room by opening the cabinets, but the teacher won’t let you touch it. Use your stink bomb. Once she leaves the room, click on the cabinets. There will be a ladder. Climb down.

Step 14: Keep doing right until you reach a table with some DIY tools. Jump, and you will receive a Bell Clapper. Climb back up the ladder, and you will be in the detention room again. You can leave the room since the teacher is not watching.

Step 15: Exit the school and go right. Go past the lighthouse until you see a man. His name is Cap n’ Salty. He wants you to rescue a lobster trap underwater. Put on your scuba gear and dive in! Obtain the trap and swim back up before your oxygen tank is empty. Give the trap to Cap n’ Salty, and he will give you a lobster with keys to the jet skis.

Step 16: Climb all the way up to the top of the lighthouse. You will need a wrench. Unfortunately, you do not have a wrench but you can use the lobster Cap n’ Salty gave you. The lobster will scare the birds away. Head back down and get on the jet skis!

Step 17: Nate will also come and challenge you to a race. Keep your cursor to the far right side of the page, watch out for the birds, and the obstacles too! In the end of this little game, you will win the competition. When you arrive to the rocks, jump on the huge, tilting rock, as well as push the two seals aside. You will then see the scroll. Obtain it. It is the map for the capsule Nate has lost.

Step 18: Ride to the Puffin’ Point and go left. Go to the top of the school and use the Bell Clapper, which is in your inventory. Then, the girls will leave the playground.

Step 19: Go to the playground and stand between the two posts. There is a spot below the ladder. Use the Peanut Butter Crackers. Spitsy, which is a dog, will dig a hole in the spot. Click on the hole the dog made. The capsule will come out. Click on the lock to open the capsule.

Step 20: The Detention Teacher will come and give you a medallion.

Congratulations! You have just finished Big Nate Island.


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