Poptropica Cheats for Counterfeit Island
Let’s catch an art thief! Hold on! First look around the island to familiarize yourself with the story, then run right to Downtown after getting a page from the French dictionary from the Internet Cafe. Grab a green balloon from Bobo’s Clown Store, which will help you jump higher. Run right, and collect some tickets to the underground tour from the trash bin to the right. You’ll decide to give them to the rightful owner. Hey! Who said that? Now keep going and give it to the little crying boy in the Countryside. Uh-oh… he’ll take off flying! You can see him again later in Reality TV Island and the Sneak Preview for Cryptids, still flying. Get back to the Internet Cafe and give the tickets to the guy addicted by PONG. Now that he’s distracted by the TV, you can talk to him. You may want to pick up another balloon of your choice on the way. He will be happy to have them back and give you the other one. There’s the balloon boy, on the news. Try to act innocent as you walk out the door.
Climb the Moldy Baguette Inn to collect the gargoyle drawing piece on the right side. Use the bouncy awning between the main entrance and the Create your own Masterpiece. Run all the way right to Downtown and use the ticket to enter the Underground Tunnel tour. Once inside, the annoying tour guide will start following you around. That’s fine, but if it annoys you so much, you can lose her by running really fast and dropping down. It’s fairly simple to follow the tunnel; no forks or anything. Once you reach the big dome over you, in between the two skeletons, climb the lightbulb wire to the top and slide off right to collect the second torn picture piece. This part will be easier if you have a balloon, but you can do it without. Keep going up the slope. There, up the wooden stand, is where you will use the torn drawing once you complete it. It’s like a code of some sort to open the secret hatch. Go left a little more to finish the tour.
A strange man will be waiting for you there. Talk to him and you will find the Scream is going to be stolen. Hmm… sounds kinda fishy to me. He hasn’t told us his name so we’ll just call him Strange Guy. He will give you instructions to meet him there at nighttime there. Okay, now go right and jump up onto the rock to collect another drawing piece. Run left and collect the picture piece from the top of the boat. Run into the museum and apply for a job there from the guy near the door, but first collect the second to last ugly picture piece from the roof of the museum, outside. Go up the staircase to the left and talk to the assistant curator. Some “joker” moved the paintings around, and you have to arrange them again to get the job. Normally this would take a while, but this is a Poptropica cheats website. Cheat Sheet:
middle painting at upper left (CUBISM) -> right painting at upper right (IMPRESSIONISM)
the one you have now -> right painting at lower right (EXPRESSIONISM)
that one -> middle painting at lower left (REALISM)
the one you’re carrying -> middle at upper left (CUBISM again)
That’s four, isn’t it? Now talk to the assistant curator (just go right and jump the gap.) Step into the Forgery Detection Lab like you were instructed to do. Talk to him again and he will let you pick a station. The first one is the easiest. In the first test, you pick which one is a forgery by using the X-Ray wand to find if there is another sketch underneath. I don’t know if it’s different for every person, so I won’t tell you which one it is here. Just click on the one you think is real when you’re done. Next test is easy, just run the magnifying glass over the paintings and the computer will decide for you. The one with the wrong signature is a forgery. For the last test you find one area that gives away the fact that it is a forgery. The culprit area is around the moon, because even if you don’t see all of the moon at night, the rest is still there. Stars can’t shine through it!
The next station is harder. Here you must test a paint sample to determine if it is real or not, by clicking the right chemicals as they pass through the tiny frames. The right order is: green, red, blue, red for the first one; red, green, blue, blue for number 2; and blue, red, blue, green for the last one. Once you have the job, you will be given a key to the supply room. Exit the lab and go right, through the hall to the Security area and the statues. Once there, run left and go into the other office. Left again, then open the supply closet using the key. Collect the last piece from there. There you have the finished gargoyle drawing! Now leave the museum with it. It will be dark now, and Downtown will be closed for repairs. That’s fine. We need the Docks, on the west (left) side of town. Reach the boat and swim right. Strange Guy will have already opened the door to the underground tunnel for you. Go in.
Go left and climb up the chain. Drop off right and climb the wooden stand. Use the drawing you’ve been collecting to tweak the features of the diagram up there. The automatic guides will help you a ton. Hit the label at th top to open the door. Go up, unlock the Supply Closet, and creep slowly out. Watch for the figure in the Security Office window, and only run past when she passes by, to the right. Now go into the Statue room. Avoid the lasers here by hiding behind the statues and other items when they come close. Don’t be impatient! This part is similar to the searchlight part in Great Pumpkin. Once you’re done, exit the room and go left, to the Scream. Click on it, then climb onto the lightbulb above it. Uh-oh… you triggered the alarm! The next day you find yourself in jail…
Take the lie detector test. It’s really easy; I really don’t think I have to post answers here… leave Downtown when you’re done and run into the museum security office on the hallway in the top floor. Yes, where did that guard go??? If you play the video you’ll find it’s way too long. Get outside and talk to some people. According to them they all think the guard needed cheering up. Cheering up… what does that remind you of? Of course! The clown store! Run over there and talk to him. He will give you his time card, showing when he was out (for about twelve minutes near 4 o’clock.) Take this to the inspector back at the museum. Use the security cam footage to seek to the time the guard was gone. You’ll see Strange Guy on screen!
Click PRINT SCREEN below to take snapshot of the scene, then take it outside. If you show it to the people in town you’ll find none of them know the man but the mimes, who don’t even give you a straight answer. They just start whistling… what could that mean? Run all the way into the All That Jazz Cafe and go right to confront Strange Guy, who will speed off. Run up the stairs and exit the place, then hop onto the motorbike below to chase him around town for a while. You won’t catch him this way, though. He’ll escape in a boat at the docks and you can collect his key card. Still, don’t get road rage! You have to talk to the mimes first before you reach the Cafe.
Whew! That was tiring… return to the museum and there will be a package waiting for you. Open it and X-Ray the copy (or real version. Who knows?) of the Starry Night. It will have instructions for you to meet the museum curator in Early Poptropica. Well, what are you waiting for? Hop into your trusty blimp and head on over there now! Run left and into the PopArt Museum. The curator will give you a key and a message. Take it back to Counterfeit, and run right to the Countryside. Use the key to open the cottage of Inspector Vueve-Niore. That means “Black Widow” in French. Uh-oh… and the key from the curator fits the door! And remember what the guy near Create your own Masterpiece said to you? This is starting to get on my nerves!
Inside, climb up to the top floor and click on the peeling painting there. It will come off, revealing… THE SCREAM!!! Omg, the Inspector is the thief! Someone will turn off the lights, and after some muffled sounds you’ll find yourself in the Black Widow’s lair. You’ll figure out her master plan, and then Strange Guy will speak to you. He’s been betrayed, too. Make your way to him by swinging your mouse in his direction. Move it slowly forward, then yank it back. Soon you will be untied. Go all the way right to the guarded room. Follow these instructions to pass the guards and begin the final battle:
Walk left and jump onto the items to get to the upper floor, through the gap
Once up there, jump onto the boxes and crates to avoid the guard there
Look up and watch for the time the guard up there turns her back
Jump up and trail her slowly, using the bouncy sofa to get to the top floor
Use the key card to enter the room
Soon you’ll find yourself in the Black Widow’s private gallery, of the paintings she’s cleverly stolen over the years. Walk left and you will come face to face with the Black Widow once again. Strange Guy (who’s not so strange anymore) will run over to the hand-cranked lift and ask you to crank it, while at the same time not letting the value of the items the notorious art thief is smashing go over $1 million. She will throw the art in groups of four, unless you lose some. Jump up to them or otherwise touch them to catch. At the end of each group her face will turn all red and will blow off. This is the time you should use to quickly run left and spin the crank clockwise. The trick is to return exactly under her every time you catch (even though she throws them in a set pattern), and avoid the grenades she throws at the end of each tantrum. Trust me, this helps. When the elevator is all the way at the top, she will be knocked out and you have beaten the world’s most feared art thief!
Ah. So this is how she accessed her hideout — through the Internet Cafe. Meet the curator at the the museum, and now that the Black Widow has been defeated, it’s safe to reveal the museum’s secret: priceless art that just COULD NOT be stolen has been cleverly hidden behind the walls. The curator will give you the Island Medallion. Finally your work is paying off.

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