Some of the world’s most famous artwork is on display at the Island’s museum, but rumor has it someone’s out to steal it. Can you explore the dark and dangerous side of the online virtual world Counterfeit Island and save the day in the cracking canvas caper?

Step 1: Go to Counterfeit Island via the blimp. Just go to the Web Browser Internet Cafe and go left. You should see a big blue book on the table.

Step 2: Click on it and there should be a loose page from it with some French. Go outside and go right to the Moldy Baguette Inn. Go up and on one of the windowsills, there will be a piece of paper. Pick it up and jump down.

Step 3: Go outside. Go right and enter the Bobo’s Clown Store. Click on the green balloon. Otherwise, it will not work. Head outside of the store, go right, into the countryside. You will see a little boy crying and his mom holding a red balloon. The kid wanted a green balloon, not a red.

Step 4: Give the balloon to the kid. He will start to float up in the air. That is how he got nicknamed ” Balloon Boy”. Go downtown and go left until you reach a bunch of trash cans. Click on the open one. You have to sort through all the trash to find Underground Tunnel Tour tickets.

Step 5: Go back on Main Street and go to the Web Browser Internet Cafe. Go right until you reach a tourist looking guy. Use the Underground Tunnel Tour tickets on him. He will thank you and say that you can take one for yourself!

Step 6: Exit the cage and go downtown to the underground tour. Use the ticket. Walk right in. Just go along until you reach some skulls. Jump on the light and retrieve another piece of paper. Go back down tot he exit. You will end up at the docks.

Step 7: Talk to the man wearing a brown suit and a scar. Talk to him. he will tell you to get the job and then meet him when night falls. Go right. There will be a rock with a piece of paper on it.

Step 8: Go right and jump on the mainland, and go left until you reach a man with a pipe in his mouth and a boat. Jump on the boat and go left then jump up to retrieve another piece of paper.

Step 9: Go to Main Street again. Jump on the windows of the museum, onto the green roof piece. There will be a piece of paper. Pick it up.

Step 10: Go inside the museum. Talk to the guard at the entrance and select the third chat option. In response he will tell you to talk to the assistant curator.

Step 11: Go left, and go up the stairs and talk to the guy wearing the brown suit and glasses. Select the third option and he will tell you that four paintings have been placed in the wrong winds. You have to find them and return them in the correct spot.

Step 12: Go to the top left wing and click on the middle painting. Replace the third painting in the top left wing. Take that third painting to the bottom left wing and replace it with the third painting. Take the middle painting and take it to the top right wing. The assistant curator will hire you for a job. Go inside the forgery detection lab. Select any station you like.

Step 13: For the first one you have to scan every painting until you find the real one, the one with the drawings on it. For the second one you have to use the magnifying glass to determine which painting is fake. Examine the corner for their signatures. The middle one’s signature is different so therefore it is fake. For the third one you have the scroll around the photo and click it on the area that proves it is not real. The dark side of the moon should block the view of the stars. However, you can see the starts so it is fake. After you have completed, it is now time to move onto the chemicals section.

Step 14: Simply when the read meter reaches a box, you have the click on the color that it turns into. You have to do that for each of the three paint samples. After you finished the stations, he will give you a supply room key.

Step 15: Leave the lab. Go right to the area with two signs. Go past the sculptures and enter the security room. Go to the left and use the supply room key for the locked door. There will be the final piece of torn paper.

Step 16: Leave the museum. It is now right. Go to the docks and talk to that main again. He will say that the thief is about to strike again. Go into the tunnel. Make your way backwards. Only there is some object blocking the exit. Click on the object and you have to make the scary looking creature look like the torn bits of paper you found. Click on the button to confirm it. You are now in the supply closet.

Step 17: Use the key to pen the door and get carefully past the office. There will be lasers around you. Hide behind statues and plants to safely make your way past the room to the main hall.

Step 18: Find “The Scream”. Click on it and you will jump above it. A red alarm siren will go off and you will see that below the floor you are in, there are policemen ready to arrest you. A newspaper will come up with the headline “Scream Thief Busted- Screams I’m Innocent”. You can read it if you want. Close it.

Step 19: You will find yourself in jail. The girl will say that the door is unlocked and that it is time for you to come out. You will now have to answer some questions. A lie detector will pop up.

Step 20: Answer the questions and the girl will congratulate you for passing the test and she will tell you that she knew you were innocent. Head out the police station and go inside the clown shop. There will be a security guard. Talk to him and click on the third option. He will give you his time card because he does not remember what time he left his post.

Step 21: Go to the museum and into the office. Go on the computer. Click on it and a video will start playing. It will pause when you guys met on the docks. Print screen it and you will get a screen print. Go downtown and show the screen to the mime girl. Some music notes will come out. This indicates that you have to go to the “All that jazz cafe”.

Step 22: You will find the thief. He will take off. Exit through the back door, on the right hand side. Jump down from the balcony and you will find a green scooter. Let the scooter chase commence!

Step 23: Dodge the obstacles but do not ignore the ramps. It will get you further in the chase. When the chase is finished, you will see the guy taking off in a speedboat. Pick up the red key card he dropped. Go inside the museum. The assistant curator will hand you a package of Van Gogh’s Starry Nights. Scan the painting.

Step 24: You will see a message that tells you to go to the museum in Early Poptropica. Ride the blimp to Early Poptropica and go to the art museum. You will meet the curator and she will tell you that someone that you trust is watching you very closely. She will also give you a key.

Step 25: Go back to Counterfeit Island and go downtown. Then go right to the countryside. Go right until you see a cottage. Reach the door and use the key the curator gave you. It fits!

Step 26: Go inside and go left. Jump on the furnace and jump onto the platform. There will be a painting with a bit peeling off. Click on that and the painting will stript off to reveal “The Scream”. The lights will go out and someone will beat you up. In the next scene you will be tied to a chair.

Step 27: You and the Black Widow will have a nice chat. The man with the scar you met on the docks will tell you to scoot over to him. He will untie you. Do that. This bit gets quite tricky as if you fall over, you have to start all over again but you will do it. Just move backward and forward.

Step 28: Moments later, after you have reached the man, both of you will be standing up, untied. Go to the right, where you should find the exit. Go to the left and jump on the boxes onto the right platform.

Step 29: Jump on to boxes and wait until the man turns to walk to the right. Jump on that platform and carefully sneak past to the right until you reach a couch. Bounce onto the next platform, the one with the big door. Use your key card and enter.

Step 30: There will be the Black Widow and she will start to throw valuable pieces of art. In his part, you have to help raise the man high in order for him to take the Black Widow out. If one million dollars of art gets destroyed, you have to start all over. Do the following:

Catch the pieces of art.

When you save for pieces, the Black Widow will get mad and you will receive a few seconds for you to turn up the crank.

She will try and bomb you. Avoid it.


Step 31: When the man reaches high enough to reach the Black Widow, he will take her out a newspaper will appear on the screen. Close it. You will be in the Web Browser Cafe and the curator will tell you to meet her at the museum.

Step 32: Go to the museum. When you arrive there, the curator will thank you for your help and she will tell you that the world’s top art is behind the walls. The grey walls will be replaced with red ones and very famous pieces of art will be on the walls, including the Mona Lisa. You will receive the medallion and 100 credits.

Congratulations! You have completed Poptropica Counterfeit Island.


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