Poptropica Cheats for Cryptids Island
Now I’m done with gloating how great this island is. I’m going to share the fun with you. Head all the way right to Cliff Mansions once you land on the island. You can stop by at Kitty Kites and pick up a kite there to make the rest of this journey a lot more fun! You will also collect a flier on the way there. It says anyone who can prove the existence of cryptids can collect a 1,000,000 dollar prize! That explains the people on this island who are crazy about flying away to look for cryptids… Once you are at the mansions, go right until you see a tree with a dollar bill sticking out of it. Collect it by first jumping on the hedge, then jumping a short distance to the right. Go back to Main Street and into the General Store. Use the five-dollar bill you found there and use it to buy the sports drink. Then go back to the Cliff Mansions.
Give the sports drink to the guy in green with the gardening equipment (Mews’s gardener.) He will let you borrow his gardening shears. You can use this to cut the hedge there (optional), but the result is a very unpleasant greeting from that house owner. Don’t worry, these will come in very handy soon… Then go all the way to the left of the island to the Cliff Park. You’ll see a mini-animation where a guy is leaving in a hot-air balloon to see Loch Ness (he’s referring to a lake in northern Scotland) You’ll see him later on. This place is full of people searching for cryptids. For now, go left, helping people out. For one, you can give the lady in the hang-glider a push (click once to talk to her, then a second time to push her.) This is optional. If you do this, you’ll see the same woman in New Jersey.
Then, go up until you see the guy in the balloon. This fool can’t get up since he forgot to cut the ropes. But you still have to cut him loose to beat the island, so use the gardening shears you have. He’s off! You will pick up the nylon rope he dropped (if this doesn’t happen, then hop off to the left or move until you find it.) Then go to Kitty Kites on Main Street (you won’t be able to use your rented kite anymore…)
Get ready for some fun kitesurfing! Use the rope you got at the park and you will ask the owner if it’s strong enough for the “Kitesurfer X250”. Luckily, it is. Grab it and go back to Cliff Park. There’s a lot of moving around here!
Go all the way to the left and drop into the water. Then use the Kitesurfer X250. Whoo! Use the mouse to control your surfboard. Bring it up quickly to jump, and down to drop in. Click your mouse to get a boost (this can be used for jumping, too.) You can have some fun here until that wicked Gretchen Grimlock comes and shoots your kite with a flare gun. Oh, no! You’re sinking! The last thing you see is a helicopter belonging to the MEWS Corporation lowering itself over you…
Whew! You’re alive! Harold Mews explains what happened, and then tells you where to find him again. You won’t be able to get out of bed at first, but after you drink the water on the table (click on it), you’ll be all right. Look around the room. If you go to your map you’ll find your in the MEWS Mansion. You’re in the home of the famous Harold Mews! What an honor! Anyway, there’s no time for that now. Go right until you come to the door. Then leave the room. Walk down the stairs and then to the right. Go inside the room there. You’ll end up in the Cryptids Museum. Walk downstairs, then go right into the Museum.
You suggest to look around the museum. Do this by clicking on the various stations. You can learn a lot about the popular cryptids this way, if you don’t already know them. You’ll find Bigfoot, the Chupacabra, and the Giant Squid on the first floor and Nessie and the Jersey Devil on the second. After you’re done, Mr. Mews will appear. He will give you a story about his lifelong fascination of cryptids and then about how the Giant Squid has given him hope. Talk to him some more. He’ll tell you a helicopter is waiting for you outside. Now here comes the juicy part of the island!
Walk up to the main floor, then go left and out the door. Go right. As you walk, you’ll notice that the hedges are cut into the shape of the cryptids. Once you find the helicopter, jump up onto the platform and then fly the helicopter (“TAKE OFF”.) Then follow the instructions below.
Loch Ness
Travel to Loch Ness. Go all the way right to where the truck is under the bridge. Talk to the guy there. You’ll discover that his trailer is stuck under the bridge. Click on the tire after talking to him, and let some air out by clicking on the air valve and then dragging your mouse in circles. The owner of the truck will thank you and give you a digital camera as a reward. Take it and then continue to the right, to the Pub. Go inside and pick up the matchbox on the counter. Then go right and talk to the people there. You’ll see that they disagree on whether or not Nessie (the Loch Ness monster) is real. Then talk to the person at the far left. He will give you free rowboat tickets if you beat him at a game of darts. This is fairly easy. Just grab a dart to start. Select where you want to aim (the 50-point center is the best option), and then click while the wobbly dart is still on the center of your target. Drag your mouse back to about where the fins are touching, but only a tiny bit past, behind the yellow line at the bottom. Collect the tickets and new darts from your outraged opponent. Then go back outside.
Go to the dock and into the rowboat. Use the ticket you got to take a ride in his rowboat. Soon, you will spot Nessie! Wow! Take a picture! Then go right, and back to MEWS Mansion. Go into the lab, and show the picture to Mews. Rats! You’ve been tricked! Oh, well, but you still have to find some more evidence, you get into the helicopter and back to Loch Ness. Talk to the guy who ripped you off, and you’ll have a short squabble ending with the rowboat guy running away. Go back to the Pub for another round of darts.
Talk to the guy in blue near the far end of the Pub. You’ll see them arguing for a while, and then you’ll get the chance to get a submarine ticket. Hope this time you don’t get cheated… The instructions for the dart game are basically the same as the one for the first one, except this time you have better darts. Then go back to the docks with your ticket and get started. Control the sub like you would control your Poptropican. Go to the bottom left of the simulated ocean, and confront the horror there. Oh my gosh, it’s a monster! Use your camera, quick! Then take this picture to the guys at the Pub. They’ll laugh and tell you to read the newspaper clipping on the bulletin board. Oh, great, you’ve been fooled again! I guess you’d better head back to the mansion (after you collect the darts) …
The first person you played darts with will stop you at the entranceway. He wants a rematch. You agree after he promises to give you a prize. Same game, but with better darts. After you win, the guy will be infuriated, and he’ll stiff you for the prize. Not much good luck here.. but what’s this? The barman will give you a pennywhistle to call Nessie. Take it back to the docks, and hop into the rowboat. Then take the boat past the place where you saw the truck tires, and near Cherry Island. Here, you can use your pennywhistle. This is looking like a big waste of time, but wait… why is the surface bubbling? What the… ITS NESSIE! The real deal! Take a picture, and then row back to the docks. Then go back to MEWS Mansion and give him the photograph (you can wait to do this until you’ve gotten proof for all the cryptids.)
So it’s proven. Nessie exists. Thats’s one out of four cryptids proven… still along way to go, though. Our next stop is Puerto Rico.
Puerto Rico
Travel to Puerto Rico. You’ll see a mini-animation where the guy who was headed for Loch Ness (in Cliff Park) crash-land in the tree. The farmer will save him. Go right until you see the people next to the Jeep. You’ll find that the guy in the pilot’s cap is the same one who crash-landed a few seconds ago. Talk to the farmer, and he’ll let you use his Jeep. But there’s a catch: you have to deliver the seed to his brother up north. That’s no problem. Get into the Jeep, and head for the landing spot (star) directly above you in the map (ignore the goats for now.)
You will first deliver the seed to his brother. After this, walk to the left, past the henhouse, and collect the fur next to the tracks in the ground (this is freaking me out!) Then go back to the MEWS Mansion (click “Back to Start”, then fly the helicopter again.) Take it into the lab, and Mews will ask you to test the DNA. This is fairly simple; all you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions (but don’t spill the liquid or mess up!)
Turns out the fur was from a coyote. But Mews has a good feeling about you. Head back to Puerto Rico. The farmer you saw before claims he is going to trap the Chupacabra. For now, just get into the Jeep. You’ll be helping him soon enough. Drive all the way to the star at the top left. Go to the far right, and jump onto the rock there. Hop onto the wooden ledge above you. Keep doing this until you reach the last one (it doesn’t matter if you can’t see the next ledge at first.) Jump onto the top, and grab the bolt cutters (they’re a little hard to see at first, but you can feel around with your mouse until you can click on it.) Then jump off, and get into the Jeep. Head for the star in the very middle (you can see the creepy bones around it!)
Talk to the guy there (you’ll notice your Jeep is covered in leaves for camouflage!) He’ll say you need to lure the Chupacabra into the trap. Do this by going outside, then looking around for the brown spotted goats (the Chupacabra will only eat spotted goats in groups of three or more.) You may have noticed that the goats get scattered when you drive towards them. Use this to your advantage! Get behind a goat, and then chase it into the trap (the patch of grass inside the bones.) You will need to collect three. The first two are easy, but the last one can be hard to find! Tip: don’t accidentally click on “EXIT JEEP” while doing this, or you will lose all your progress!
Once you’ve gotten all of them in, exit the Jeep. The farmer’s brother will be there, with the trap all set. Follow him behind some rocks. After a while, you’ll hear some creepy sounds, then you’ll be informed that you have the Chupacabra! Go out there and push the crate into the truck. But the monster pops out! YEOW! He’ll jump away and leave you unconscious. But you can still pick up the tooth he left behind! Take this back to Mews (or you can wait until you’ve gotten all of the proof for this. I’ll be showing you how to get it to Mews now, but you can skip this for now to save some travel.)
It’s real! Hooray, you’ve proven the existence of the Chupacabra! But there’s no time for wasting now! Let’s begin the hunt for our next cryptid.
Travel to the Himalayas. Then follow these instructions:
Go left until you reach the campfire
Jump up
Jump to the left and onto a ledge
Jump up
Go left until you reach the flat part
Jump to the right
Jump to the left
Talk to the guy standing there.
Ask him if he’ll guide you to the top of the mountain. He’ll agree. This next part is a bit tough to describe in writing, but I’ll try my best. Basically, all you do is keep going around the mountain finding rings. Then hook on and wait for your Sherpa to catch on. But beware of the wind! If it gets to you, you may get blown off! If this happens, just climb back up like you were going up a normal rope in Poptropica. So avoid jumping (or any other climbing activity) during wind.
This is roughly how you should go in this part:
Keep going left until you can’t go any more
Jump up and right
Keep going right until you come to the edge of the mountain
Jump up and left
Keep going left
Exit climbing mode (click “GO LEFT”)
Congrats! You’re now at the monastery. Keep going right until you reach the first building, then go inside. Go right and talk to the guy there. He will not let you have the Yeti scalp, but he’ll give you the lantern. Then exit this building and go left. Jump up onto the snowy ledge and then jump to the left. Then jump right again, and you’ll end up above the building. Go right. You’ll see that you can’t go farther than that. Talk to the guy, and he’ll give you a chance to win a game and pass. Oh, no, another mini-game. Well, you better suck it up and deal with it, because it’s the only way you can beat the island.
All you have to do is evade the hunters long enough so you can make it safely to the other side. The hunters will move in different directions every time, but mostly you can go first diagonally up, then through the hunters, next up and left, and finally to the other side. After you finish this, go right, jump on top of the tower, then jump left. Then keep going. Hop off and you’ll land on another tower. Jump up and left, and then into the clearing in between two bushes. Take a photo of the footprint there. Then jump back down. Click on “GO DOWN” to go back where you came from. Then make your way to the helicopter. You can take the photo to Mews immediately, but I recommend waiting until later. Keep going on to New Jersey.
New Jersey
Travel to New Jersey, the last item on the list. It’s night… the perfect time for an encounter with a freaky cryptid (NOT.) Anyway, go to the right, past the service station, until you see the trash bin. Use the bolt cutters you got in Puerto Rico on it. Click on it to open it up, then look inside. Yuck! You’re gonna have to paw through that to find the green piece of plastic at the bottom (do this by dragging away other trash.) Hmm… it has some sort of riddle on it… Take it inside the restroom (what the..?)
Use it next to the other stall door. The message will be complete, and you’ll write it down for future reference. Get outside, then ride (“RIDE”) the motorcycle. Sweet ride!
If you want, you can also get up onto the roof of the restroom (jump onto the dumpster first) and then use the gardening shears to set her free (if you didn’t give this lady a push in the Cliff Park, then you probably won’t see her there.) This part is optional.
Once you’re on the bike, use the directions in the top right (the bathroom stall door message.) Drive this like you would drive the Jeep in Puerto Rico. Only this time, it’s night and you can drive much smoother. Simply put, all you have to do is go…
The directions here are relative to the front of your motorcycle.
Once you’ve reached your destination, you can look around. But you can’t see! It’s too dark to do anything, as your Poptropican will tell you. Never fear… use the matches you have to light the lantern you got in the Himalayas. Go right with it until you reach the gate with the number 666 (the last six is off one of its nails.) Uh, oh… I have a bad feeling about this… Anyway, just go in and keep going right. Go into the house that you see on the grass. This is starting to creep me out…
Once you’re in, keep going right until you reach the stairs. Climb up onto the second floor, and keep going left until you reach the dresser. Pretty soon, you’ll hear something in the attic. I’m shaking in my boots (literally!) Anyway, just push the dresser until it gets to the very end of the last room. Then jump on top of it and enter the attic. Yeah, this gives me the creeps, too. Go right… until you see… BWAAH! Oh! Phew! Just a raccoon! But what’s this? Walk past the barrel and collect the grappling hook there. Then head back onto the second floor and outside. AHHH! It’s a… MONSTER!!! Quick… go outside! You probably don’t want to, but it might be a cryptid.
Oh, no, he got away! But still, you can see what he left behind by going under the tree. Then use the grappling hook you got in the attic and climb up to the top (fist jump onto the branch and then grab the rope.) Then get into the nest. Whoa, what’s that? Get to the right end of the nest, and then collect the broken Jersey Devil eggshells. The jump off, exit the property, get onto the bike, and click “Back to Start”. Find your helicopter and then fly back to the MEWS Mansion.
If you waited until later to show the evidence of the other cryptids to Mews, do this now (for Loch Ness, show him the photograph; for Puerto Rico, show him the Chupacabra tooth.) Once you’re done with this, show the eggshells to Mews. He’ll give you a chance to get a DNA identification. The rules for this is the same as the first time you did this. You’ve proved the existence of the Jersey Devil! Before you get back to your cryptid hunt, show him the photo of the Yeti footprint (possibly.) He’ll tell you it’s just a snowshoe print. But here’s the good news: Mews just got word of a Bigfoot sighting in the Pacific Northwest! Hurry to your helicopter.
Select the new location, Pacific Northwest, on your helicopter. Once you’re there, chase Bigfoot! If he hides behind a bunch of leaves, wait until he comes out. He may come out in the opposite direction, so stay on your toes! This may be a little tough, but the result will be nice! You can try again if he gets away. After you’ve been chasing him around for a while, he will duck into a cave. You’ll get back to the helicopter dashboard, where you can report to Mews. But wait! Gretchen has bugged your helicopter comm. system! Now she’s after the Bigfoot! You’ve got to stop her! Chase her in the same way you chased Bigfoot. Once you’re close enough to her, you will exit your helicopter. Follow these instructions closely:
Jump off the helicopter (careful to avoid the blades!) and onto Gretchen’s one. You will have to make a jump that is longer than one you may usually make because both helicopters are moving, and once you jump, you won’t be carried by your own one! If you fall, it’s over and you’ll be given the chance to try again. It’s best to jump onto the back rotor first. Once you’re on her helicopter, click on the refueling valve to open it and let the fuel spill out. Then hop off the right side and onto the cage where Bigfoot is being held. Make sure to keep your mouse to the left side so as to keep up with the helicopter. Once you’re on the cage, just use those handy gardening shears to cut Bigfoot loose. He’s free! You’ll see yourself falling steadily with the parachute…
The next thing you know, you’re inside the mansion, talking to Mr. Harold Mews. He will tell you how he wants to buy up the land around Bigfoot’s home to create a reserve to keep him safe. But then he’ll tell you he doesn’t have enough money. So you turn down the million dollar reward for a safe habitat for Bigfoot. Then you’ll earn the island medallion. Congratulations! You’ve completed this island quest, and proven the existence of cryptids!

Read more at http://www.poptrickia.net/cryptids.html#ixzz1kKm2W4Ak


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