Poptropica Cheats for Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab
Let’s bring this rabbit down for good. Run right and hop up to the lab. Keep going and jump over the gap. Talk to one of Dr. Hare’s former mind-slaves and he will tell you about the rabbot suit, We have to find three key cards from the maze room to unlock it and stop him! Drop off and onto the moving platform, Get off on the lower platform and enter the maze. Here you have to find three colored key cards that are locked in separate rooms. Pressing and holding on a switch will open the room of the same color, but you need to keep it held. So you use the crates scattered around the room. But watch out for the guards — they will catch you if you move in front of them! These are the instructions:
go right
jump past the laser and onto the moving platform
push the crate right when it reaches the top
shove it into the switch to open the red room
get back on the platform and jump left at the top this time; make sure to land on the upper platform to avoid the guard
quickly jump up to the laser platform
when it’s safe (the guard below is looking left) drop down behind him and quickly jump off right
walk right and collect the first key card
get back onto the yellow moving platform
drop down at the bottom
shove the crate off left and follow it down
push it left onto the blue switch
jump up, jump again, and go left and onto the moving platform
run off left at the bottom and collect the blue card
jump back on the platform
jump off left at the top
jump up
jump onto the moving plat and shove off the crate left
push it into the purple switch
get back on the platform and jump off right at the top
jump left and collect the purple card
drop off right and get off right at the bottom
See? It’s as easy as 1-2-…22? Okay, I admit it’s a bit confusing. Exit the maze and jump onto the big moving platform to the left. Jump off right at the top and talk to the guy there. Then unlock the suit. As a reward you get to Costumize it! DIE DR. HARE!!!


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