by: hichow

Early Poptropica is the first island ever released in Poptropica. In this island, Poptropica players encounter the original settlers of Poptropica. They are 8 Bit pilgrims who have had their stuff stolen my thieves. It is your job to find these items and return them to the pilgrims for a medallion.

Step 1: Guide the yellow Poptropica blimp to the top left side of the Poptropica map until you see the Early Poptropica island.

Step 2: Click on the island until you enter it.

Step 3: Then guide your poptropican all the way to the right of the room until you see a sign that says Early Poptropica with an arrow pointing right. Do so until you reach it.

Step 4: Talk to the settlers, they will talk to you saying their possessions have been stolen from thieves. It is your job to get them back.

Step 5: Go back to Main Street now and go down the sewer next to the fire hydrant and Art Museum.

Step 6: Now go to the bottom right of the sewer until you see an 8 Bit pig. Pick it up, it will go to your backpack.

Step 7: Now go back to Early Poptropica and give the pig to the guy to the left of the well.

Step 8: Go down the well.

Step 9: Go to the top left of the room until you find a Glow Stick.

Step 10: Now exit the well and go all the way to the left of the island, Poptropica Towers.

Step 11: Go down the pothole next to the hydrant.

Step 12: Search the maze until you find the Golden Egg. (You will need this later in the game).

Step 13: Now exit the maze and go back to the Poptropica Towers.

Step  14: Hope on the clotheslines and windowsills until you get to the top of the Rooftop Diner, you will see a vine, climb up it.

Step 15: You are now in the air, go to the right until you see a giant blocking the way. Give the Golden Egg to him, he will let you through.

Step 16: Go right, go up the buckets and gardening tools. Then when you get to the end, pick up the 8 Bit water bucket.

Step 17: Keep going right and pick up the Jetpack. Put it on.

Step 18: Then go through the exit area. You will fall on a building, pick up the flag.

Step 19: You now have all the items the pilgrims lost, go back to Early Poptropica and give the items to the correct people.

Step 20: Then go to the ship that recently came back, talk to the sailor, he will give you your medallion.

Congratulations, you have completed the Early Poptropica Island!


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