Welcome to a future where robots rule. Building computers to compete on TV game shows seemed like a funny idea – until the machines wanted more. Now, after years of robotic dominance, Poptropica needs a savior. Are you clever enough to beat the robots at their own games, and restore the dignity of all Poptropicans?

Start off by using your Poptropica blimp to travel to Game Show island. When you arrive, go to the left and find the Museum. Go inside of it. Go all the way to the left and click on the video on the screen. Now head towards the right side of the room. Talk to the person and ask to borrow the toolkit.

Go outside of the Museum again. Now head towards the left and jump on top of the Robo-Bling Boutique. Keep jumping up until you reach the rooftop. Now click on the Toolkit. You will need this for later. Jump off of the building and go to the left. Go left again. Once you are in the room with many boxes, keep going left until you find the Factory.

Go inside of the Factory and jump up to the right. Find the crane, and click on the green button. It will pull you up. Jump to the left and click on the computer. It will open up a doorway. Go on the crane again and click on the green button. Now go through the doorway you just opened. Now, use your Toolkit from your inventory. Unscrew the latch to the power box. Flip the switch to the Robot Factory. Jump down and find the bucket of Electric Fans. You will be given one of them.

Head towards the exit and get out of the Factory. Keep going to the right until you reach the Club Nouveau Riche. Go inside of it and walk to the right. Find the hippie that is next to the giant lava lamp. Now, open up your inventory and equip your Electric Fan. The person will give you a nickel. Once he does, turn off your electric fan from your inventory. Now exit the room and go back to the Factory, but don’t go inside of it. To the left of the Factory entrance, you will see a character. Stand next to him and use your nickel from your inventory.

You will give him a nickel. In return, he will give you Heat Vision Goggles. Now go back to the Club Nouveau Riche and go inside of it. From your inventory, equip your Heat Vision Goggles that you just received. Look towards the upper left of the room until you see the three small things. Now, exit the room and stay near the exit. Go a little bit towards the right, and equip your fan again. Use your fan to fly up to the vents by aiming the fan beneath you. The vent entrance will be a small entrance point separated from the building. It will be caged up. Use your Toolkit to unscrew the shaft for the vent.

Enter inside of the vent. You will then see a person appear from the bottom tunnel. He will run away from you. Chase him by jumping to the top and pushing the mechanism into the tube. It will fall, and you will be able to continue to chase after him. Once you find him, he will try to push something to crash the floor beneath you. Just run to the right and climb up the ropes. Jump up until you see the entrance to the roof. Equip your Heat Vision Goggles to find the password to the door. You will then see the person that was running away from you.

After you finish talking to him, he will give you a Jet Remote Control. Once you go back down to ground level, use what he gave to you. Start to fly the jet by clicking on “Istanbul”. When you arrive there, head towards the right and jump up the stairs. Meet the construction worker and ask if you can help. Use the crane to move the parts of the side structure. Use the left side structure as a guide to where the right side structure should be placed. You will then be rewarded with a “Scaredy Pants” Ticket. Once it’s in your inventory, open it up and click on Play Game Show.

You will now compete in challenges. For the first, you will need to grab the glowing green handle in the ocean. Avoid all of the obstacles that might shock you. Bring the green handle back to where you started once you get it. Do this before time runs out. Start the next challenge when ready. For this, you will need to grab each type of animal and place them in the categorized bin. Drag the animal and let go when you want to put them in. Do this in the fastest amount of time. Next, for another challenge, you will need to alance yourself on a rope by keeping your mouse within the middle of your character. As you slowly progress, you will need to move your mouse depending on where obstacles move you. You should now be claimed as the winner if you won at all of the challenges!

Once you have won and returned back to where you were, call in the jet again. Now go to Miami. Once you get there, go to the right. Start talking to the first floating robot that you see. You will to help them getting the robot pieces on to him. When the lady drops the pieces, jump on top of the stories to make them lean towards the robot. Make sure that all of the pieces fall on the robot. This will actually help him. Once you get all of the pieces to him, you will be rewarded with a “Spin for Riches” Ticket. When you get the ticket, go into your inventory and click on Play Game Show on the ticket. You will now compete in more challenges.

For the first challenge, you will need to spin the wheel for each turn and guess a letter in the phrase. You will play three rounds of this. Your goal is to solve all of the phrases by either solving them manually or guessing letters. When you win, you will end back up in Miami. When you get back, go towards the left of the room and call in the jet again. This time, from inside the jet, choose Buenos Aires. When you get there, go all the way to the left of the room. Find the large clock statue and click on the golden circle with all of the parts inside of it. You will notice that the clock is not working. You will have to help the muscleman connect all of the cables to fix the clock. move all of the pieces until the clock is working again.

When you fix the clock, you will be rewarded with the “Kerplunk” Ticket. Go into your inventory and click Play Game Show on the ticket. Challenges will be given to you again. For the first one, you will be required to go through an obstacle course. It can get very tricky, and you are also timed. Complete the first course with the best time. For the second challenge, you will need to complete another course. This will be for the third challenge as well. Each course is different, and I would recommend watching the intro for each one so that you know where to go and what to do! Once you complete all of the challenges, you will be back to where you were as usual.

Now, use your jet to fly to Moscow. When you get there, go towards the bottom of the room and talk to the robot. You will be asked to change the colors of the windows on the black building. Change the colors by clicking on them and confirming them with the robot. Confirm them by clicking on the green switch on the right edge of each set of windows. Once you complete that, you will be given challenges again. For the first, you will need to answer questions correctly. These questions will be related to Poptropica. Try to answer all of them with the best of your knowledge. Each question is timed, so make sure you do it quickly! When you win, click on Done. You will be taken back into Moscow.

Call in the jet and now go into Tokyo. Head towards the right until you find the Service Entrance. Go inside and you will me asked to make a complete path with all of the pipes. Click on the pipes to move them. When you make the completed path, you will win and be rewarded with “Mr. Yoshi’s Super Terrific Challenge!” Ticket. Go to your inventory and click on Play Game Show on the ticket. When you start, your first task will be to move the blocks so that they spell out “Yoshi”. When they do, stack the blocks and he will be amused. For the second task, you will be asked to click on the egg shell as many times until it hatches. Click very quickly, because you will be timed! For the third task, run after all of the moving bowling pins. You will have to knock down ten of them to win. Once you win, exit.

Go back to your inventory and use the jet. When the jet comes, choose Main Street. This will be the final place to visit. right when you arrive, there will be robots looking for you! Avoid the robots by going into the little tunnel that you are told to go down into. You will be given a thumb drive. Now, go to the left and find the computer. Click on it. Rearrange the wires so that they all fit together. When you get chased again, go to the left and do the same thing – click on the computer and fit the wires together. When you fit the wires to the second computer, go to the left and go down another level.

When you are on that bottom level, go to the right and find the third computer. Fix the wires on that one, too. Once they are fixed, you will open up another entrance point to go down again. Go to the left and find the fourth computer. Arrange all of the wires again. When you are done, another entrance point to go down will open. You will see a smaller computer towards the right. This is the computer you will use your thumb drive on. Use the thumb drive you got from your inventory.

The island will now come to an end, and you will complete it. Congratulations, you have now completed Poptropica’s Game Show Island!


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