Poptropica Cheats for Haunted House Island
You emerge from the ground in a spray of dirt. There are creepy gravestones everywhere, and most importantly, a bat with a key flying around. You chase it up to the roof and nab the key from its claws. Then, on the left side of the house, you find a bulkhead leading into the cellar. Fighting your common sense, you go in. Yes, you have no need for kerosene. Yet. Continue on and you find something very strange — the pipes from the boiler to the furnace are disconnected and floating in midair! After you have fixed the pipes by rotating them, the boiler starts spraying steam. Using the current as lift, you reach the shelf above and find the draught, your first treasure. Shivering in fear, you take the staircase to the right up to the mansion.
It’s not as creepy as you’d expect — yet. The ghost cat in the foyer tells you to bring the four treasures to her after you have found them. For now you take this clue to the refrigerator on the left. You cannot chisel out the ice with your bare hands. How ’bout some Winter Blast flavor popgum? No? Yeah, I wouldn’t take gum at this time either. Passing the fridge and the creepy exercising plant, you climb up the rickety wooden steps to the second floor. Hey, are those paintings’ eyes following you? Ignoring them, you continue right until you see two knights in metal armor that are blocking your path. In a rage, you jump on top of the one on the right and he drops the pickax. Suddenly a lightbulb comes on over your head. You run back down the stairs and hack out some ice using the ax. Proudly, you lift out your second treasure. Before you get too attached you take it up the stairs to the knights.
Trying not to look at the haunted bathtub, you climb up to the next floor and into the bedroom to the left. After you have answered the freaky call from the grave, you find two clocks on the mantel. So that’s what “when midnight strikes twice” means. When one of them strikes midnight, a skeleton will pop up on top. Soon you find moving your mouse on a clock speeds it up temporarily. Since it has to strike midnight twice, the clocks need to be synchronized in this way. Not long after, you figure out that if you speed up a clock just as the other one is about to strike midnight, and if both skulls pop up at the same time, you will soon find the “light” in the fireplace. Excited that there is only one more treasure to go, you dash into the last room in the hall, the dining room, to the right.
Aah! Whoa! That arrow almost killed you! Looks like it came from that statue on the table. Lost, you look to the floor for clues and find just a spider. What the heck? You click on it and it drops down on its line, startling the witch in the painting below. You run down there and grab that broom she dropped. Whee! You fly up to the attic through the opening in the dining room on the magical broom by using your mouse. Hmm… maybe you should try this more often? Anyway, the ride’s over. You get off and open the trunk by paying attention to how the lock was messed up, and then doing the same in reverse order. You record what you did: column C up, B down, A up, row 3 left, 2 right, 1 left. Inside, you find the chalice, your fourth and final treasure. You decide to take them to the ghost cat in the foyer, first floor.
What? The lantern needs to be lit! How are you gonna… oh! Now you remember the kerosene in the basement, and use it to light the lantern. The gloomy, red glow fills the room. You cross your fingers the cat will accept it this time. You soon find she does, but… you need to bring the treasures to where the cherub cries. I hope you still remember the gravestones outside. Soon you find the large hole where ol’ Betsy Blue cries, and go in, shivering with fright. And what do you find? Gaaah! It’s a WITCH! And… huh? Punch? “Ghoul’s Gala?” The chalice, ice, and drought is being used for a PARTY?! So why the @#$%^&* did you have to run around like that being scared all day? Because there’s 50 credits on the other line. And this place is a Costumization mine! Don’t drink the punch, though. Leave the place after you’ve had enough of the cheesy jokes.

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