ey… did I like, travel back in time? Jeez, that blimp really acts up sometimes. Once you arrive, jump off the cliff to the left. Keep walking, talking to people as you go. They all seem to be obsessed with this Fair in Chicago. Looks like all the historic and famous people are headed there. Then, when you reach Thomas Edison struggling by the luggage, offer to help him. Now you will enter the first mini-game of the island. What you gotta do here is swap the luggage to make a ramp. Click on the board when you are done. Don’t fear, cheats are here! When you’re done, you should have the luggage in this order (left to right):
tiny yellow box
small blue package
green trunk
purple golf carrier
blue piano case
Yes! You got it! You shove the brown trunk aboard. And guess what? Thomas lets you board the train with him, and all the other VIPs. What an honor! So now, whaddaya waiting for? Run right and board the train!

This is how it should look.
Whoa! The train finally rumbles away, starting the long journey to Chicago, as the conductor yells out “Full steam ahead!” Hmm… look around the train. Walk right and you’ll meet the coal guy, who greets you to the train. Walk past him, and to the next train car. There you’ll meet George Washington Gale Ferris, who invented… well, you probably know. But ask him anyway. Hey, he invented the Ferris wheel, what’s he worried about? Oh, man, the wheel’s not working. This could cost him his reputation! The telegram he hand you reads “Latest attempt to fix wheel failed STOP need more power STOP.” Oh, not good! Run past him to the next train cart. Ooh, this room looks like where all the VIPs stay! And there’s Nikola Tesla! Walk left, going into rooms as you do. Tesla won’t let you enter his, but you can visit Eric Weisz and Susan B. Anthony. She’ll even give you a pamphlet. Talk to Gustav Eiffel too. He doesn’t seem the tiniest bit worried that the Ferris wheel might beat his Eiffel Tower. And don’t worry what WC means… that’s the restroom! Run left, to the Luggage car. Visit the Porter Closet, or run past, to the second VIP car.
Hear the grumbling New Yorker talk about the location of the Fair. Then try exploring the rooms. But leave Mark Twain alone… he’s feeling a bit carsick… Walk left until you see Thomas Edison’s room, collecting the pencil off the table on the way. Didn’t he tell us to talk to him before we boarded? Get in there! Oh, come on, he’s not done preparing his invention yet, a camera. Oh well. Get out of there and into Mlle. Moreau’s room. She will compare this fair to the Paris one, and hand you a newspaper. I don’t know about you, but I don’t read French. So put it away for now. The leave and go to the next train car. Hmm… this must be the dining car. There’s the porter at the end, ready to help with anything. Keep going left. And this is the Reverie Lounge, the multiplayer room. You don’t need this, do you? Keep going left to the Freight car. Here you’ll see items from almost every island, from Time Tangled to Astro-Knights. All of Poptropica history in ONE ROOM??? Creators, what are you thinking? Keep going left. Oh, and take note of that big covered item…
Oh, darn… Pinkerton Security is a dead end. So let’s head back… how ’bout back to Thomas Edison? Run over to his room (second VIP car.) Hey, his invention, the camera, is ready! Hold on, let’s try it out… It works! Thomas goes back to get the reporter and… the train rounds a bend into a tunnel. Huh. What’s so creepy about that? Wait! The lights went out! Hey, WHAT’S HAPPENING!? When lights go back on, the camera is gone! And here comes Thomas Edison. Oh no! You’ve been framed… GRR!!! I hate criminals… I’m on the case! You’re a detective… now you’re job is to question everyone on the train. Remember, everyone’s a suspect! Let’s start with Thomas Edison and that NY Times reporter…
I feel bad for Thomas… let’s ask the reporter. He says he noticed Mark Twain hide something in a secret compartment in his room! Let’s investigate him… but first, let’s try the reporter in the room to the left. She suggests that Mark… erhm, the criminal, couldn’t have gotten off the train. She also says Mark Twain was making remarks about people from other countries. This guy’s looking more and more guilty by the minute! I can’t stand this any longer… exit this room and run right to Mark Twain’s. There he is! Let’s have a chat with this guy… oh, yeah. He’s looking pretty evasive. He won’t mind if we have a look around for his secret compartment, right? Knock on each of the panels in his wall. The third one from the left and second from the top is the one that makes a different sound. Aha! We’ve got him.
False alarm. It’s just his manuscript for The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Have you read it? So it looks like he’s not the culprit after all… Hey, why’s the train stopping? Oh, great. Just what we need: an unscheduled stop. Oh, well, let’s talk to the reporter again (walk right.) He just remembered the sound of someone’s footsteps dashing by his room around the time of the robbery! Let’s investigate…, oh, good, the train’s starting up again! Walk left, and talk to the coal man. He claims he’s been right here the whole time. Okay… keep going left. George Ferris doesn’t look like someone who’s busy enough to steal an invention. Question him anyway. Then keep going left. Nikola Tesla isn’t letting you in his room, like before. That seems mighty fishy to me… anyway, walk left and ask Susan B. Anthony. She’s making Nikola a suspect too. Hmm… leave her room and ask Eiffel. He says he heard a cabin door open and close while they were in the tunnel. This is getting interesting!
Talk to Eric Weisz. He claims disappearing isn’t such a difficult trick. Is that because he just performed it 15 minutes ago? Leave the cabin, and go left, skipping the restroom. Keep going until you find the trunk with coal smudges all over it, and Nikola’s name. Hey! Somebody tried to cut your head off with some scissors! I don’t like this one bit! Start making your way right to the coal room, questioning people all the way. They all suggest you ask the coal man. And Eric seems to know a ton about disappearing… let’s just ask the coal guy. Oh, so he DID leave the car… for a snack. He tells us to ask the porter. Make your way there, questioning people as you go. Remember, every time you pass ANYONE, stop and question them. Someone else could have entered the room if the coal guy was gone and gotten coal dust on their hands… like Susan B. Anthony suggested. And Eiffel says he didn’t see anyone pass by, so they must have taken another route. That could be over the train or under the train. What do you think?
The NY Times reporter says he sees prune juice stains on the floor… leading to Edison’s room! So whoever did this must have been in the dining room at some point… where the porter was the whole time. Yes! I’m sure he has the answer! And all these people say it’s normal for Tesla to just retreat from the world. So let’s put him aside… for now. Click on the prune juice to collect that evidence. After you’ve questioned everyone here, run left, to the dining room. No one seems to like prune juice very much, and Thomas Edison says the footprints are leading away from his cabin, to the coal car. Huh! The porter says that the coal man was here when the train stopped… so someone else must have stopped the train. That’s one suspect eliminated. But he throws away the order sheet when you ask him who ordered prune juice! Naargh! Collect his notebook and use the pencil to look for an imprint. Scrub the pencil across and… Just like I suspected! Tesla ordered prune juice! Run right to the luggage car. There’s the French reporter… and she has an ingenious idea! You can run into the porter’s closet and grab an extra pair of his uniform, then pretend to give Tesla a drink. That way you could reach the key! Run right to the porter closet, grab his extra clothes, put them on, and dash to Tesla’s cabin.
Grab the pitcher of prune juice, and talk to Tesla. He’ll take four whole servings of prune juice, then need to use the restroom. Oh yes! Our chance to search his cabin! Click around to search for his key, you’ll finally find it somewhere. It’s different for everyone. Yes! And just in time, too! Tesla walks in the doorway and asks you to leave him alone. After all, you have what you need! Run back to the luggage area and unlock the trunk. The device IS THERE!!! TESLA’S A THIEF! The reporter rushes to contact the security guards. There’s Tesla in handcuffs. He claims he didn’t do it. *snort!* Like I believe that! Take the device to Edison. Hey, wasn’t the device running the time of the robbery? Yes! It was pointing out the window. But Tesla’s in the picture… and if the train was rounding a bend, then that means Tesla was on the other side of the train! Grab the picture and ask people about it. But they’re all too amazed by an actual captured picture to get your point. *sigh* Keep going on your way, to the front of the train where Tesla is locked up. Hey! The Pinkerton guard is blocking your way!
Darn it! Walk back, questioning people about the guard as you go. Hmm… nothing interesting. Hey… why is there a draft blowing around the luggage room? Yes! The hatch in the roof is open now! Remember what Eiffel said, “When all else fails, look to the sky!” No time to wonder who opened it… go up and start the creepiest adventure of your life!
You’re now on top of the train. Whoa! Start making your way right, towards the coal car. Bang! You’ll be bounced back numerous times by objects on the way. When there’s one coming up, duck or jump over it, depending on what it is. Whatever you do… DON’T FALL OFF! If the red bar is towards the top, duck. Towards the bottom, time your jump. It’s really not so hard. Yes! There’s Tesla! Talk to him. He’s left something very important in his cabin! Give him your pencil when he asks, and he’ll draw a sketch of his cabin. Run back there, ignoring the security guard. Look around, and tray to spot differences between reality and the sketch. Hey! The suitcase is open, but the sketch shows it closed! Circle that with your pencil, then run back to the luggage car to do the whole rooftop run again. Tell Tesla about the briefcase. Oh great! It contained his invention! But how could the thief get in there while Tesla has the only key?! Walk back out.
Go around asking people about the briefcase. Eric looks pretty amused by the lock being picked… and calls himself an expert at the craft! Uh-oh… Start asking around the train again. Hey! The NY Times reporter claims he’s seen someone like Eric around, and he hands you an issue of the NY Times, about Harry Houdini picking a lock and escaping. Hey! That picture looks just like Eric! The reporter agrees with you… maybe his equipment is still in his room? Run over there and collect the lock pick bag. Here he comes! Uh, oh! He’s the thief, but he’s running off! You’ll see him expertly run away and… holy… he tumbled into the freight car! Run across the rooftops to reach him. Oh man, what’s that sound? Use your scissors to cut open the rope… and what do you see? Houdini’s drowning! Use your lock picks to raise the pins to the red line like the diagram shows. You have to use a different type pick for each pin. Easy right? Well, there are FOUR locks. So you better act fast! They give you a lot of time though… or maybe it seems that way because I have experience in lock-picking 😉 Yes! Houdini’s saved! And you’ve caught him now! But he claims he was working on the mystery himself. He also tells you to find the thief of Tesla’s device. Then you can find the thief. He leaves you in a puff of smoke.
If you ask people about Tesla’s device, they all suggest you ask him. Well, I guess that means back on the rooftops! Once you reach him, he says he’ll only talk if he’s free. Okay, then, take out those lock picks. I’m pretty sure you know how to do this. Whoa! So that device was a transformer — the only thing that could up the wattage enough for the Ferris wheel! I just knew that device had something to do with power from the time I talked with Ferris. Take the transformer sketch to him. Then ask around the train. Mark Twain has an interesting idea… the person in the last car. He says he’s behind too much security. But Susan B. Anthony says she caught the guard napping once. Make your way over to Pinkerton’s Security fast. Hey, the guard’s not there! But there’s some kind of Rube Goldberg trap here… the solution to do this (without waking the guard):
Climb to the top of the stack of crates
jump off left
jump across the gap
drop down
walk left and drop down.
That’s all there is to it! Go left, to the Presidential Suite. Talk to President Grover Cleveland. He’ll help you try to put the pieces together. So this is how it goes…
Nikola is peering through the door into Edison’s cabin, carrying a cup of prune juice.
He hears Edison coming, so he runs away, sloshing juice all over.
The thief got into the coal car and hit the brakes, hence the coal smudges on the trunk.
But how did he open Tesla’s trunk? He snuck in and swapped the nametags. Then he threw the key into the window.
But why go to all this trouble for something he didn’t want? He wanted to cause a distraction, so he stole the camera and framed Tesla. That way he could get the transformer from the briefcase.
And if the nametags have been switched, you can look in the trunk and find it’s true owner!
Yes! Run out there and to the luggage room. Uh-oh, the guard’s awake. But wait… you’ve been given clearance. You can pass! Keep going to the luggage room. Unlock the trunk and whisk off the cloth. Hey! It’s filled with stuff from France! And you know who that points to… run to the French reporter’s room. Hey! She says it’s not her trunk! Hmm… who else is French, and has motive to wreck the Ferris wheel? Gustave Eiffel! Run over to him. But… he says there’s a lady’s handkerchief in there! So it IS Moreau! The train has arrived at the Fair! We’ve got to stop her before she destroys the wheel! Walk left and… there she is! She wants to keep Paris the best city forever! Run after her.
What the… what kind of place IS this? Run away from that crazy guard by climbing up the ladder, then jumping across the lions. Make your way left like this, keeping away from the ground and the hazards. Make sure to use the bouncy awnings for lift. At the top left, there is a (harmless) snake. Jump on the cover on its head, then jump left at the top. Walk left. Drop down. Look at those dancers! Keep walking left. Uh, oh! She’s calling up her guards again! This time it’s easier to run away and follow. Just jump to the top of the totems and jump across them. At the last one, you will climb to the top and the guards will drop the totems like dominoes! Run to the left before they catch up.
There she is! Chase her by running all the way left, then climbing up to the number 13 thingy. She’ll drop a crate! It’ll shatter the thing. Grab the rope to the right, and swing like Tarzan to the other end. Keep climbing up. She will throw the transformer! Grab the other rope and try to catch it in midair. You got it! Now climb back to the place where she was (a little above number 15) and come close. She’s warning you to not come any closer. What do you do? Yes! A bolt of thunder sounds, and she is knocked off the building! She falls into the padlocked water case. Run down there and give the transformer of Ferris. Then talk to Mr. President. He will award you with the island medallion! Finally! And the Ferris wheel is working, thanks to you! Another case solved, Nice Hawk.

The Fair is saved!

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