Poptropica Cheats for Nabooti Island
Enough with the fanciness! Lets get rolling. To get started, go left after you land on the wood platform and enter the museum. Go left, drop down, and go right. You’ll see the Nabooti totem in full. After the camera returns to you, talk tot the lady there. Agree to look for the lost jewels, and she will give you a map of the African continent. Take this and exit the museum. Go left, past the trading area and the Fly-by-Night Airlines building (multi-player room), until you reach the plane. No need to talk to the pilot, you’re flying this hunk of junk yourself. It’s fairly easy to fly this: just steer it with your mouse and when you need to land, keep your mouse on the dot for the area. Now follow the instructions below.
Blue Nile Falls
Our first stop is Blue Nile Falls. To get there, just fly your plane to the very east side of Africa. It’s somewhere in that cluster of landmarks. Once you get there, jump onto the rocks and keep going up until you reach the top of the tower. You’ll know you’re there when you see the rope to the right side of the thing. Collect the Egyptian Blue Lily. Then try doing a huge blind leap to the right. You probably won’t get to the other side this way but you’ll get closer. Climb up until you reach the other tower, on the right of the waterfall. Talk to the lady there. She’s having trouble carrying her cargo across. This is the classic chicken-fox-feed dilemma: if you leave the chicken with the feed, it’ll eat it; if you leave it with the fox, it’ll be eaten. You have to keep all of them intact until the end. Offer to help her. Follow these instructions:
Carry the feed across and leave it there
Come back and carry the hen across
Quickly, without moving the basket-thingy, switch the feed with the hen
Come back with the feed and carry the fox across
Drop them all and you’re done!
After you’ve finished, she will tell you about a hidden cave behind some bushes. Do a huge blind leap to the right, and land on the rock with the big bush. If you fall down, just climb back up again but make sure you’re climbing on the right one. Click on the bush and it will disappear, revealing the hidden cave. Go inside. Once you’re there, jump onto the next thin platform sticking up to the right. Keep jumping across the platforms (there are five-six of them) until you reach the other side. But beware of the stalactites! If you stay on one platform for too long, they will fall down on you and reverse all your progress! If this happens, then swim left and jump onto the log. Then jump up and start over. The platforms also have a very small surface, so it’s hard to land exactly on one. I was stuck on this part for a while once.
Once you’re on the other side, go right until you reach the purple Nabooti jewel. Collect it, go outside, and go to the next location.
Mountains of the Moon
Travel to Mountains of the Moon, and gear up for some creepy adventure! Go all the way left, but avoid the goats, or they will WHACK you backwards! Jump over them until you reach the end of the area. Then let the goat hit you. You will land on a high platform that you could not have reached without being hit by a goat. Jump onto the tree to the right. Keep going like this, and then jump up to meet the lady there. Jump up onto the rock to the left, then leap to the right. Collect the Opuntia Fruit (otherwise known as the cactus fig), and then come down. Then speed to the right and jump over the waterfall, and head back up and left, avoiding the goats and boulders if possible. These will push you back a long ways!
Keep jumping up on the icy ledges until you get to the upper-right corner. Run across the frozen lake and jump onto the platform to the right. You’re safe from the boulders for now. Jump to the left to get to the tiny platform and then jump back across to stand next to the old man in front of the cave. He will challenge you to a game of Mancala. If you don’t know how to play, then it will explain it to you while you play. However, this makes it a little harder to win, so I’ll briefly explain the rules here:
On your turn, click on a pile of marbles. You will move counter-clockwise around the board with them, dropping one into each cup
If you land in your own cup, you can go again
If you land in and empty cup, you will collect that marble and whatever was in the cup across it
If you run out of marble on your side, and your opponent has more than you in his/her master cup, you lose
The game ends when someone runs out of marbles on their side. Then, the person with the most marbles in their master cup wins the game.
For more info, see this.
Once you’ve beaten the old man, go inside the cave. Hop off the platform to reach the ground. Collect the phone next to the skeleton down there. Looks like the cell phone wasn’t enough to save this guy! Then make your way up again, but don’t leave the cave! Jump to the right, onto the narrow platform. This is just like the cave in Blue Nile Falls. This time there are no stalactites falling on you, but the platforms are very slippery so watch out! Once you’re at the other end, go right and collect the Red Jewel. Then exit the cave and make your way back to the plane.
We’re going to make a quick stop in Nabooti now. Fly over there, and go to the trading post. Talk to the trader in orange, and he will offer to trade the Blue Lily for the Desert Turban. Accept his offer. Then wear the turban and go to Giza. Go right and talk to the first tomb raider. You would not have been able to do this without the turban to disguise you. He will give you the shovel. Take it with you back to the Kaya Forests. You can now remove the turban.
Kaya Forests
Travel to the Kaya Forests. It looks creepy, doesn’t it? Climb onto the second hut and jump off to collect the gold nugget. Use the cactus fig you got earlier here. The turtle will move away from that spot and now you can start digging! Use the shovel. But what’s this… WOW! It’s a GHOST! Talk to him and take the Ebony Elephant to Nabooti. Trade it for the Fingo, and trade the gold nugget for the digital camera. Then go back to the forests and give the talisman to the spirits. They will give you the green Nabooti Jewel as a reward.
Once you’re at Safari (located near the eastern side of the continent), go all the way right, past the internet cafe and the safari Jeep, until you reach the man there. He is Big Zeke, from the safari tours company. He needs good photos of seven different animals for his website. After he’s directed you to a good spot, read the list below to help you find the animals. Just use your mouse to aim and click to shoot. Remember to wait until the animal is completely out of hiding before taking a picture, or it will fail. You can see is a pic is good enough if there is a green check on its thumbnail.
You’ll spot a bird in the top left corner on a tree-top
The giraffe is in the center, next to a tree
You’ll find a zebra left of the giraffe
The lion is next to the zebra, hiding in the bushes
A crocodile will pop up in the stream
There’s an elephant on the right side of the area
A gazelle will appear in the bottom-right hand corner
Once you’ve gotten all seven good pictures, give them to Zeke and he will give you his old hard hat from his days in the diamond mines. Take it to the Diamond Mines.
Diamond Mines
The diamond mines are near the southern tip of Africa. And it’s true, South Africa is where the world’s most diamonds are found. Make sure to wear your hard hat here! Go all the way right, past the huge mound. Go past the guy and then click on the switch to start the timer. Until the timer doesn’t go off, the electrical fence is deactivated. Once it’s off, quickly go to the tip of the huge mound and jump to the right on to the crane. Speed right until you reach the gap. Fall through it, but make sure to land on the ground. Go right and jump onto the barrel of explosives. Then click “ENTER” above.
If you got all that in time, congratulations! Go left and drop down. Walk left beside the track until you reach the ramp If you see any mine carts come your way, duck! Jump onto the ramp and then onto the next one. Keep following this zig-zagging path until you reach the source of the mine carts. But beware of the ones coming at you, because they can bump you very far, sometimes even all the way down! If you see one of these come your way, then you should either
do a long jump over it
jump onto it and then onto th next ramp (not advised)
if you’re close enough to the end, just jump onto the next track.
Once you reach the source of these hazards, go down into the shaft. If you are unfortunate enough for a mine cart to pop up right when you are doing this, just slide off it before it takes you too far. Once you’re down here, turn off the switch to your right. Jump to your left and behind the explosives barrel. Push it to the rock that you can’t get past, and then go back and turn on the switch. you may have noticed the barrel was leaking, and now the spilled oil is acting like a fuse. After the rock’s been blown up, do this again, except this time take it to the far right. You’ll open the closed-in cave.
Once you’re in, push the mine cart to the very end, then hop in after it. You’ll enter a fun but very short mine cart ride. The moment you feel the ground sloping up, duck! You should jump up the moment you see the signs. This is pretty easy, after three turns its over. Then, in the next area, go all the way right and hop onto that rocky ledge. Then jump to the left. Do this again, and you’ll be at a mound of diamonds. Click on it. You’ll learn to identify a Nabooti jewel by the inscription on it. This is pretty easy, just take the magnifying lens to the very left middle of the mound, and search around there. You need to keep it steady long enough, though. When you’re done, grab the white jewel and go up. Don’t worry, that hole wasn’t there before!
Travel to Giza, and make sure you have your turban on! This is one of the trickiest places to complete, so I’ve saved it for last. Look at the shovel in your items and take not of the cell phone number there (555-6789.) Use your cell phone to dial this number. As soon as you do this, you’ll see Vince go away to find his phone and all the other tomb raiders will run away. Go all the way right and click on his bag to collect the moonstone. Climb to the top of the Sphinx and use it there. It will insert itself into the ring, and a moonbeam will magically appear and open the door. Hop off and go inside.
You’re now inside the tomb! Walk all the way to the right and click on the panel there (don’t go past this area.) In this puzzle, you need to get all four pieces to be horizontal. Clicking on one causes the other three to rotate. Click all of the tiles that are already horizontal only once from left to right to get them straight. The once-vertical platforms to the right will form a bridge that you can cross. This way, you can avoid the scorpion below. Keep going right.
Jump all the way up and go left to find the second puzzle. This time, you need to push the blocks on top of the platform down and arrange them underneath to match the layout on the wall. It’s a little tougher than it first seems because you need to do things in a certain order, and if you mess up you’ll have to pull the “RESET” switch. If we number the blocks from 1 to 4 going from left to right, here’s what to do.
Push block 4 down and then push it to the left so that it’s past the left edge of the platform above. This needs to be done so we can get the blocks from the second step in right
Push blocks 1 and 2 down and then all the way right so that they’re past the right edge of the platform above
Jump on top of blocks 1 and 2 and stand in the middle to separate them. Then push block 1 back to the left until it’s touching block 4 (now the first block.)
Go back up on the platform and push the remaining block 3 down to the right. Make sure it lands to the left of block 2
Jump down and get on the right side of block 2, which is now the last block. Push it towards the middle.
Jump over to the left side and push the other blocks towards the middle.
Once you get them right, a hidden door up above will open up. Now, I doubt you’ll be able to do this next step because you’re all block’d out, but I’ll go on anyway. Jump up to the platform above you, and then jump through the doorway. Run through the hall, jump down, and go to the left. You’ll soon arrive at the next puzzle. Now you have to jump up and across a series of platforms. Each one has different hieroglyphics on it and you must jump on them in the correct order. Otherwise, they will come crashing down and you’ll have to start over. If you paid attention to the hieroglyphics on the wall when you first started out, then you would know the order. Don’t worry if you passed it without noticing; I have the order here.
Now, you can jump onto the row of bricks above your head. Walk a little to the left and climb the rope. Don’t worry about the bricks below you; you’re done with them! When you reach the top of the rope, you’ll arrive at the final puzzle in the tomb.
In the final puzzle room, there are four columns and each one has a switch on it. Clicking the switch causes sand to fall from one of the huge statues and start filling up the room. You need to click on the switches in the correct order and you need to move quickly, before the entire room fills up and you can’t reach the switches. The correct order is this:
fourth column,
second column,
third column,
and finally the first one.
When you get all four switches, the sand will stop flowing and the sarcophagus in the the middle of the room will pop open to reveal the last Nabooti jewel… the blue one. Walk over to claim your prize. Then run out of the tomb and return to your plane.
Return to Nabooti
Now that you have all of the lost jewels, fly back to Nabooti and go inside the museum. Make your way to the bottom floor and talk to the lady next to the totem again. She’ll congratulate you on bringing them all safely, but then you’ll learn that you have to put them in the right order. You’ll have a riddle to help you. I was stuck on this for a while, even though I’m pretty good at solving riddles. Luckily, you have Poptrickia to help you! The correct order is (from the top):
Wait a minute… what’s happening? YOWZA! Look at the mini-animation, and you’ll see the statue transform into a spaceship and zing off into outer space. Pretty shocking, eh? And now you’re getting a reward. Finally, all your hard work is paying off! You’ve just earned 100 free credits to use in the Store and an island medallion to show off with to your friends.

Read more at http://www.poptrickia.net/nabooti.html#ixzz1kKqAN29M


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