Poptropica Cheats for Reality TV Island
Let’s get this show on the road! Start by going left and into Mike’s Market when you arrive in the island. Go right, past the carts, and wake up the guy reading. He’ll zoom off the scene, leaving you alone with the tabloid. Collect it and examine it. Click on the Reality TV island application to tear it out. Then leave the store and head all the way right to TV Land. Go inside and click on any screen to switch the channel. Sit through the whole ad until it gives you the address: 123 Star Avenue, Hollywood. No need to memorize it; it’s already written on your form. Now leave the building and head left to the Wayside Motel.
Once you’re inside the motel office, you’ll see a newspaper clipping on he wall. It’ll say how much the famous Reality TV star Bucky Lucas likes pizza. Open up your tabloid again and go to the second page. Note the number for Papa Pete’s Pizza. Go right and click on the telephone on the desk. Dial 555-PETE (or 555-7383.) Make sure to have it delivered to Motel Room 4B. Go outside, and you’ll find the delivery boy has forgotten the room number. Offer to take the pizza, and he will be relieved he can go home and watch TV. Then knock on the door for apartment 4B (right next to the stairs on the left side.)
Go right, past the plasma-screen television, and into the second room. Talk to Bucky Lucas, and give him the pizza. Talk to him some more, and he will give you a stamp to mail in your application. Take out the form and enter whatever you want to in there. It doesn’t have to make sense! Then go outside and all the way to the right of the island. Click on the mailbox to mail your application. The next day…
Hooray! You’ve made it onto the show! Climb into your personal helicopter, and then read the directions. Reality TV is a game full of things impossible in reality, but it’s fun nonetheless! You are playing for seven days against seven six other contestants. Every day, you will play a different game, and whoever wins will be immune to being voted off that night. At the end of each day, you (and all the other contestants) will be able to vote someone off the show. If they get more votes than everybody, then they’re off the show!
The last competition is different from the others because the winner of the game will be the winner of the tournament! On the second-last one, there’s a guarantee that the person you chose will be voted off (but only if you win.) You will only have to play seven (half) of the following games in any one tournament. The games are quite simple and self-explanatory, and you can easily beat the island on your first try. But I have help and tips for all the challenges anyway…
Balanced Diet As the brown dot (top of the pole) moves, move your cursor toward the opposite side of the circle to keep it centered. Avoid rapid movements, or the pole will topple! Keep your mouse inside the white guide circle.
Boulder Push [easy] Just click as fast as you can; I can’t help you much here!
Coconut Toss It’s wiser to stay to the left of the area, where the coconuts are being chucked out. Focus more on collecting groups of three than the single ones, and avoid collecting bombs. Hop out of the fray when it gets too crazy, o else there will usually be too much competition!
Geyser Guess [hard] This is just plain guessing, and I cannot help you at all here! But keep in mind that the same geyser can erupt twice in a row!
Hang Glider Fly near the top and avoid the volcanoes and birds. Staying to the left of the screen is helpful because you can see when birds are coming your way. Note: using the Minimizer Store item will not help here; in fact, it’ll make things more complicated!
Knockout Always aim for the plate that is the least broken. Pull back about halfway for lower plates, and all the way to the bottom notch for the top row.
Mountain Race [hard] Avoid the rocks as you run uphill. Running farther to the right (higher) is a great advantage, even if you get hit once or twice. Most of the higher boulders will miss you.
On the Line Click as soon as your line comes close to a fish’s mouth. You can time it so that it will rise in time to hit them. Shallow catches save lots of valuable time!
Pole Climb Click right or left to dodge the falling coconuts. I recommend staying on the leftmost two poles. It can get tough when you are near the top, where coconuts fall unexpectedly and there is very little time to think and lots of pressure!
Shot Put Shoot for a 45-degree angle. Click again when the power meter is almost full.
Shuffleboard [hard] Select a long shot (long arrow) for the first shot, or bank it sharply into one side to go around your opponents. Don’t shoot too hard when you are close to the center. Another strategy is to kind of dance around the circle until your last turn, then drive it straight in.
Turtle Shell Toss [easy] Throwing at a 45-degree angle will guarantee three hits on the 20-point shell, but it’s the power control that drives me crazy! Here’s a good cheat for good shots: Aim for the middle of the palm tree in the background and hold this spot for all throws.
Totem Jump When a totem starts to shake, leap to another one! Avoid jumping to the tallest totem as you can get stuck there. It’s wiser to jump on newer totems as they are less likely to topple early.
Water Run [hard] Jump over the boar-safe spot in the middle when you’re ready and, whatever you do, avoid the boar! Fill your jug to the top so it will only take four trips to fill your meter up to 100%.
The challenges do not necessarily have to happen in this order.
If you are near the end (the 6th or 7th day), and you come face-to-face with a tough game like Water Run or a guessing game like Geyser Guess, then you can reload the page or quit and restart the browser window in the middle of the hard challenge without saving. This will take you back to the day you were on before, and will give Poptropica a chance to pick another game for you. This can come in very handy sometimes! You can also beat this island more than once (I’m a 20-time winner!)

Read more at http://www.poptrickia.net/reality-tv.html#ixzz1kKpmLIcc


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