Poptropica Cheats for Shrink Ray Island
You’ll probably regret this, but run right and into the School. Keep going down the hall and into the Science Fair. You’ll find a bunch of dumb inventions, but C.J., the star student, is missing. The science teacher, Mr. Silva, is there too. Hmm… talk to her parents near the podium, and they’ll ask you to search their apartment. Leave the place and run all the way right to Avenue A. There’s a stray cat in front of the door. Ignore it for now and go in. Darn it, that cat followed you in! Chase it around the rooms for a while. And when you come out of the bathroom, the cat is gone! Just disappeared. Hmm… what’s going on here? Run into C.J.’s room on the left and look at the miniature note under the microscope. Somebody’s got a hold of her invention! Look away from it, and you see a strange guy with a wide-brimmed hat covering most of his face. Things are about to get complicated when you are shrunk to the size of an insect.
Uh-oh, this can’t be good. Walk around to scout out your new surroundings. Well, actually, it’s the same room, just new size. For now go right and hop onto the drawer, then up to the windchimes. Jump off right and onto the fan. You’ll push it down. Then power it on. Whoosh! It’ll start clearing out the bottom of the bed. Hey, look, a Dr. Hare doll! And what’s that little pink thingy down there hiding behind the dust? Switch off the fan and grab it up. Ah, it’s C.J.’s thumb drive. Could hold some important info about her invention if we find a computer. Hop over the trash bin and go right. Clear the stack of books and go right once again, to the main part of the apartment. You can also climb the desk using the chair to find the note from before. Run right. Ow! What was that on the rug?! Musta been the cat… Anyway, keep going into the next area, the kitchen. Looks like that RC truck you saw could come in handy. And looky here what’s on top of the fridge! The remote control. For now keep going and jump to the second drawer, collecting the screwdriver. Now jump to the counter. Hop over the sink and go right to the dining room.
Let’s try to grab that piece of paper on the table. Push the rolling pin to let it shove the kettle to the active stove. The steam will blow you to the shelf above, with the flour, sugar, and most importantly, the vinegar. No, we’re not going to eat that stuff, we’re gonna shove it over. Drop down to the right and push the pet bowl under the dripping vinegar. Now use the drawers to reach the counter again and drop tons of cat food in the bowl. Four stomps should do it. Get down to it and push it under the chair. Stand on it and jump to the table. A grape will drop from the bunch. Ooh, how shocking… NOT. Snatch the note. It smells like lemon juice. And you know what that means with a mad scientist… INVISIBLE INK!!! Anyway, pick up the grape. Whoa! This is going to be a long trip. Hop off the table and go left. Jump up the drawers again to reach the countertop. Carry that huge grape back left, past the kettle, rolling pin, etc. to the kitchen. Plug in the toaster. You’ll have to drop the grape for awhile. Jump onto the handle to start it. You need the weight from the grape to push it down. Jump back on to be launched up. Don’t worry about the grape now.
Push the salt shaker left, to the end of the spatula. Jump onto the flipping end to launch the salt up a bit. When it comes down, YOU’LL be the one launched to the top of the fridge! Run left, collect that pesky remote control, drop down, and zip back left to the apartment main area. Walk left and use the screwdriver to open up the compartment on the side of the toy truck. Get the battery and hop to the platform above. Walk left some more and put the battery in the TV remote. Stomp on the buttons to turn on the teli. Climb up to the top of it and climb the antennas. There’s something strange about them. Jump off left from them to crash into the balloon. But you stick to it! Of course, your tiny body is statically charged enough for it to carry to to the painting frame. Walk left across it, then jump to reach the shelf with the fish food. Push it left to knock some scoops into the tank below. Drop down. While the fish are eating, turn off the filter, dive in, collect the key to C.J.’s diary, and get out again by turing on the filter. Hop off and go right, all the way back to the kitchen.
Push the sponge to the cleaning spray, and then jump on it. Hop off right and into the trash can. Yeccchh… look at this mess! Turns out this is a small puzzle to find the other piece of paper. Here are the steps:
push the Tuna treats can right (you move objects by clicking on them, then selecting a direction using the arrows.) to cover the gap
keep going and into the hole
pull the sponge back to drop the tower.
jump back up; the way is now clear. Keep going right.
push the milk off right and follow it down
push the highest tuna right and off the platform (jump on the sports drink bottle to the left first to get there)
drop down and push the sponge left
pull the tuna on the right to drop the tower
jump onto the tune treats, then to the platform to the left, then right again
go right, pull the tuna back, jump on it, jump up, and collect the diary page.
Whew! So much trouble for a diary page! Don’t forget you have the same Ninja Vision trick from Red Dragon to look ahead. Click RESTART and leave this trashy place. Run all the way left, past the apartment main, and into the bedroom. Just jump over the rug to escape the cat’s tail. In the bedroom, bounce off the chair to land on the desk. Use the thumb drive and you will have to enter C.J.’s password (using your own keyboard. ) The password is m4r13 cur13 I think. Now you can eavesdrop on C.J.’s e-mail! The first one is regarding her shrink ray. Hmm… wait, what? The blueprints are on the thumb drive! Soon they’ll be uploaded to the laptop. Now jump on top of the laptop, and then to the shelf above. Open the diary using the key from the fishbowl and then use the missing page from the trash (ugh…) to complete the spread. Huh, so C.J.’s shrunk herself to escape.
Hop off left and onto the thermostat. Turn it to the red zone. Drop back to the desk, and use the scrap of paper that smelled like lemon juice near the lamp. Now jump off left and then onto the heat lamp. Jump on it repeatedly to point it downwards, and then turn it on. The message will begin to develop… it reads Look for me in the telescope. School coordinates. That’s very useful, C.J., except we don’t know the school coordinates. Yet. Now drop off the desk and run left. Knock over the trash bin and the contents will start floating on the heating duct! That’s ’cause we turned up the heat in the room before, got it? Use them to float, and then jump off left onto the bed. Collect the Morse Code Key, and then drop off left. Climb the dresser using the drawer, and then jump off to the left to land on the telescope. From there hop onto the red pin, then the blue pin. Take note of the coordinates on the green piece of paper. Punch them into the telescope using the dials. Just jump on them and run to adjust them to X-87 Y-16. Then click on the viewfinder. Hey! That’s C.J. in the lab!
Now you’ll need to decode the Morse code she sends you. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s just a code consisting of dots and dashes, used on ships. There’s one letter in the Latin manuscript for each combo. Dots, in this case, are short signals. The long presses are dashes. Just look at how long the light is shined and you’ll get it. Oh, and don’t forget to click on the correct letter to record it. You can also ask her to repeat the signal. The final message reads Flush the thumb drive. The thief is after the blueprints! Things are getting a little fast-paced… Quickly run right, past the computer room, and into the main area. Enter the bathroom (hm? Did I volunteer for this???) and jump on the drawers to reach the countertop. Run left across it, and jump on the electrical plug. Jump left to the hair dryer and hit the red button. You’ll be blown away! Okay, if you aim right you’ll land in the bathtub.
Push the soap off right, then follow it down. Climb the rope from the plug up, and run on the knob to start the water running. The tub will begin to fill up. Push the soap left as you swim, then use it and the rubber ducky to hop out of the tub. Jump onto the toilet paper rolls, then jump left and use the thumb drive. It’ll go in. Now jump left aagain to the toilet paper holder, and jump from there to the flusher. Down it goes! And just in time, too. Phew! Now run right, swim, and climb the rope again. Slide right and past the knob. Walk all the way right and out of the bathroom. Run all the way left, to the telescope room. Spin the dials to get the school again (X-87, Y-16.) Decode the message, again. OMG, the thief is Mr. Silva! The science teacher! How low can you get? You gotta save her now, using the RC truck. Run right to the main room, passing the laptop area. Yank the battery outta the remote and put it back in the car. Whoo! Sweet ride for someone the size of a bug! Get it? No? Whatever. Drive back to the laptop room. You’ll soon find there’s some books blocking your way. Get out of the car and climb the book case to the top. You’l see a book named Tess’s Tree, so… shove the book off to the left to make a ramp. Then get back in the car.
You’ll speed towards the ramp, and fly! But… uh-oh. LOOK OUT! You crash through the window. Holy… now that you’re outside it’s not really safe! Drive your car towards the school at high speed (just go right.) while avoiding hazards as you go like fire hydrants, et.c This is pretty easy; you just gotta do it fast enough to save C. J. Try not to drown as you cross the creek! The path follows a pattern. Finally, you reach the school and are lucky enough to have that rake there to get you to the windowsill. Now you’re in the lion’s den, a.k.a. Mr. Silva’s office. Run right to meet C.J., who is as small as you. Talk to her, and then… oh, great. Ever get the feeling you’re being watched?
Mr. Silva threatens to shrink you down to microbe size and then sell the shrinkray design to become a multimillionaire! You realize you’re gonna be shrunk into oblivion. You guys scatter. Now this next part is just like the Counterfeit island laser part and the Great Pumpkin searchlight. You need to hide behind objects to avoid the shrink ray. Make your way to the very left like this, then jump onto the bookcase and then right to the top of the desk. Make your way right like this until you get to the globe. Fall off the desk and hide behind the books (after the globe is gone.) Then VERY QUICKLY push the globe, stand up on it, and jump to the chair. Jump up and behind the lunch box. Then run right and hide behind the mirror. Didn’t anyone teach him basic science??? He shoots the mirror, shrinking himself. Then he drops into a jar with the ants. Yes! Now talk to C.J. below and restore your size. Hehehe… just look at how pathetic Mr. Silva looks in there. And I cannot believe C.J.’s still thinking about a science project! Hope your little adventure showed you how it feels to be an insect. You’ll never wish to be shrunk when your mom’s yelling at you any more!


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