another one by hichow

A new sinister menace has been discovered by Poptropica’s three top spies, but now the spies have vanished! You will need the skills of a cunning spy to rescue them and discover all the clues of the online virtual world, Spy Island. Get ready for gadgets, sneaky moves, and hair-raising adventures!

Step 1: Start off by heading to Spy Island. When you arrive, go to the Spy Headquarters building. Start walking up to the top of the building.

Step 2: Look for a man named the “Director D.” Once you have found him, click on him to start talking to him. Ask him if he has anything for you. He will then give you a decoder kit. Keep talking to him.

Step 3: Ask him if he can tell you anything else. When you finish, go all the way to the top of the building until you find a person. When he gives you a message, use the decoder kit on it. Now jump all the way down.

Step 4: Look for the Spyglass Eyewear. When you’re in there, click on the doctor to start talking to him. Ask him if he can give you an eye exam. During the exam, tell him that you see each letter in reverse. Then start to follow him.

Step 5: Talk to the doctor. He will tell you about a new invention of his called the chameleon suit. When he gives you the suit, put it on your character. Now go to the left.

Step 6: Find the docks. When you are there, look for a person in a trash can. Decode the message that he gives to you. You will now need your suit. Stand still and find the way to the door, which will be near your top left.

Step 7: Keep walking down hallways and avoid all of the obstacles that come your way. Your player will hit the top of the building.

Step 8: When you reach the bottom, stand on the wooded platform and jump up to the top left of the room. Find the agent and get the ties off of him. In return he will gift you a laser pen!

Step 9: Leave the room once the agent distracts the guards by the door. Jump down to the bottom floor. Now, leave the docks and go to Balding Avenue, which can be found by going through Main Street.

Step 10: Find the man that is outside and decode the message. Find the BAD Bistro restaurant and go inside of the kitchen to your right. Find and talk to the chef and tell him you’d like to apply.

Step 11: Once he hires you, put the chef hat on, and a man with a moustache at the table will ask for a drink. So, have him give you his cup. Now head back to the kitchen.

Step 12: Jump on top of the sink and go on top of the heater area. Find the tunnels and go through them. Hop on top of the lights and escape the man. Now, go towards the right.

Step 13: Find a guy in the bushes. When you hands you a message, decode it. Now go right and find the Toupee Terrace room.

Step 14: Try your best to get to the top of that building. Avoid the lights. Once you reach the top, you can easily bust through the gated bard. Use your laser pen to open it.

Step 15: Once you make it in, you will notice another agent. He will give you a grappling bow tie item and a briefing on BAD. Put the grappling bow tie on your character.

Step 16: Leave the area and go to the left on Balding Avenue. Look for a man in green. Find the building he is nearest to and use your grappling tools to climb up the building! Make your way up to the top.

Step 17: Get all the way up to the rooftop. Make sure that your Chameleon suit is on your character. Now, go to the left and use your bow tie to aim towards land. Go to the left again onto the platform, and aim the bow tie all the way up.

Step 18: When you aim it next to the laser, use it to get on. Look for the room and go inside. Start towards the right of the room and find the cherry bombs. Push it onto the pedal and release it. Use your bow tie so that you can go with it.

Step 19: Now push the cherry bomb off. It will end up on top of another. Use your bow tie to go with it again. You will then end up on top of a cage. Push the cherry bomb so that it will land near the cage. Once it explodes, you will see your agent walk out.

Step 20: Click on the agent to start talking to him. Once he gives you the Vision Goggles and the last B.A.D. documents, put all of the clues together!

Step 21: When you get them right, it will end up as Laser Hair Removal. You will need this for later on. Now, head over to the right, near the Toupee Terrace sign. Find the man in camouflage and click on him to start talking. He will give you another document.

Step 22: Decode the message by looking at only the first letter of each line. To do this, use the folder against it. The message will tell you to not trust the Director. Now, get out of the building and exit out of the Rooftop.

Step 23: Head towards the Toupee Terrace again. Go towards the right and head up the hill. Find the B.A.D. Control Canter. Now, put on your Ultra Vision Goggles. You will see the hidden laser beams.

Step 24: Get past all of the hidden lasers. Once you are through all of them, make your way up to the top of the building. Find the door. You will need to get your fingerprint cup for scanning.

Step 25: Now go through the door. To the right, you will find platforms in motion. Jump on top of them and make your way all the way to the top. Locate the computer, and click on it.

Step 26: Security will lock, but the Director D. will release you once you put in the secret code. Here are all of the secret passwords to enter.

Password 1: Laser
Password 2: Hair
Passord 3: Removal

Step 27: Once you find the teleportation device, follow Director D. into it. You will then find the truth out about Director D. When you arrive, you will have his bots chasing after you. Lead all four of them into the electricity. When all four are destroyed, find the two bots in the air.

Step 28: Take out your bow tie and use it to destroy the two bots that are in the air. Once you have destroyed all of the bots, Director D. will want to fight against you.

Complete it by defeating the Director D. by taking your ship and leading it into the ceiling. He will then give up, and you win! You will then be sent back to the Headquarters, where Director D. will lose his position! You are now the new director.


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