hichow herself

A malfunctioning time machine has messed up history! It’s your job to go back in time and set things right in this online virtual world. Because if you don’t, who knows what the future will hold?

Step 1: Start off by traveling to Time Tangled Island. When you arrive, head to your right until you see a lady.

Step 2: Click on the lady and start to talk to her. She will follow you. Now, go into the Pendulum’s Lab and go to the right. Click on her to start talking to her again. After she gives you a printout paper of the mission, start to go left. Now go down the ramp.

Step 3: Go to the right on the ramp until you see an arrow. Locate the machine and push the machine towards the right. When it activates, go inside of it. Now head to the left of the room and find a person. Click on them to start talking, and ask to repair the past. Accept the time travel device.

Step 4: Click on your time traveling device and go to 1593 AD and press on the knob. When you arrive, go all the way to the right and find the tracks of the gun powder. Follow the tracks and when you see the gun power, click on it and pick it up. Find the stairs and start to head up them. Avoid the bricks.

Step 5: Locate the man and talk to him to play a game with him. If you win this game, you get an amulet from him. Click on his amulet and keep it in your inventory.

Step 6: Use your time travel device and go back to 1882 AD. When you arrive, go to the right and jump on the top of the Statue of Liberty. When you get to the top of it, jump up and go left. Find the notebook and pick it up. Now go to 1516 AD. Click on the knob and go there.

Step 7: After you get there, start to go to the left. Jump up and  you will see a device with many strings. You will then need to go to Leo’s Workshop. Use the device to get to the top. Once you get to the top, go inside.

Step 8: Find leo and give him the notebook that you had picked up earlier. Then, click on the item that he gives to you in return. Then, exit Leo’s Workshop.

Step 9: Start to go back towards the string. Put your item on and use it to get the Peace Medal under the board. Once you have done so, go to 1805 AD. Find the hunter and give him the Peace Medal.

Step 10: Go to the right and find the tree. Climb up it. When you see the gopher appear, attempt to get the vase that he has. Click on it and put it into your inventory. Now, find the viking times and go there. Head to the right and talk to the viking standing there and tell him that you have an amulet.

Step 11: Now, go to the right and put your Glider on. Go up the rocks and go to the end, glide until you get to the far right, and pick up your Viking Suit. Start to go back to the rocks and click on them to put your gun powder on it. This will blow up the rocks.

Step 12: Once they blow up, go inside. Find your way through the cave and jump up on the rocks and over the river. Try to make sure your torch doesn’t run out or touch water. When you have reached the end, pick up the gold vase.

Step 13: Next, go back to the time 328 B.C. Find the sentry and give the vase to it. You have repaired the timeline. Now you need to get an item here too.

Step 14: Head to the right and go up and jump on to the statues. When you reach the roof, pick up the phonograph. It will be on the left.

Step 15: Go over to Thomas Edison’s time. Go inside his house and go to the top left of the room and hand him the Phonograph. You repaired the timeline. Then leave the house and go to the left. Jump on to the bike and click on it to start moving.

Step 16: Once it stops by the tree, go up it. Start to the left of the house and on top of the roof and look for the sun stone. Click on it and put it in your inventory. Now go to 1519 AD on your time traveling device. When you are there, go to the right until you see tall steps.

Step 17: Head to the top and give the Sun Stone to the man on the left of the room. Now go back all the way to the right of the room and go up to the stairs. Find the masked man and click on him to start talking. You will receive the mask for free.

Step 18: Find it in your inventory and put it on. The man at the beginning guarding the steps will not come after you anymore. Click on the man that is guarding the steps. Talk to him.

Step 19: The man will give you goggles for Mount Everest. Go over to the Mount Everest time, its next to LAB on the left. When you have arrived, go up you see people. Find the man on the right and give him the googles.

Step 20: They will keep climbing up, but you will need to follow them. When you get to the top, you will see a Statue of Liberty model. Click on the model to pick it up. Go to the Statue of Liberty time, next to the Mount Everest time. When you get there, go to the left of the room. Go inside the workshop.

Step 21: Go all the way to the top left of the area. Find the guard and give the stone bowl to him. Then go to the president time period, next to Chinese on the left. When you are there, head towards the right but try to avoid porcupines. Jump up the windows until you reach the top. Click on the salt rocks to pick them up.

Step 22: Go to 1387 AD, and go to the top of the middle building. Give the man his Salt Rocks. Go to the right, and then go down until you see a building named the Timbuktu Inn.

Step 23: Go inside of it, and head to the top floor. Find the man and click on him to start talking. Complete his puzzle and you will receive the Declaration of Independence.

Step 24: Now, go back to the president time period. Locate the house, and go to the right of it. Head to the second floor and find Thomas Jefferson. Give him the declaration.

Step 25: Go back to lab. Go in to Pendulum’s Lab, activate the machine again, and go inside of it. Once you have the house, go to the right and find the elevator. Go up it and on to the monorail.

Step 26: Use the fan to get on the one above it, and then use that one to get on to the land on the left. Jump on the hovercraft. Jump off when you get to the top of it.


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