Poptropica Cheats for Wimpy Wonderland Island
Enough dilly-dally. Let’s begin. When you get on the island, Greg will be right next to you. Talk to him, and you’ll understand that Manny is missing! Follow Greg to the left onto Surrey Street. Walk into Greg’s house (it’s the first one there.) Look around the house. You’ll find you cannot get into Rodrick’s room. We’ll take care of that later. If you are good, you’ll find the journal entry in Greg’s room and the address book in his parent’s. Then walk into Manny’s room.
There isn’t much to see in Manny’s room at first glance, but then you’ll soon see something very vital. The window is open! So that’s how he got out! Well, then, let’s waste no time. Get out through the window. You’ll end up on the roof of Greg’s house, and you’ll see some thing you didn’t see before: footprints! Follow them by hopping from rooftop to rooftop. Then you’ll drop down and after some more following, end up at Rowley’s house. Talk to him, and you’ll find he’s lost his rumble bike. and then, out of nowhere, Manny hops onto the scene and runs you over with the rumble bike. Chase him! You will soon find yourself on Main Street again.
Go right, collect the rumble bike, and then confront Manny. He’ll climb up a tree. If you chase him all the way to the top, he’ll jump off. Follow him, but he’s nowhere to be seen! That’s fine for now. Collect the carrot from the crushed snowman. Chase him all the way right, onto the School. You’ll see a mini-animation where Manny jumps from a Dumpster, onto the second floor, and into the building. If you try to follow him, you’ll find that you can’t make the jump from the second floor to the window. Have no fear! We have a way around that.
Go right and push the trash can (the small one that you can move) onto the left side of the see-saw. Then jump onto the tree (without pushing the lever you made) and collect the Scrap of Paper (it’s really just Greg’s locker combination, 9-37-15.) Jump onto the highest branch you can get to on the left side, then jump! Since the see-saw is not far away, you need more height than distance in your jump. If all goes well, the trash can will be catapulted onto the second floor. If this doesn’t work at first, then try, try again! You’ll get it sooner or later. Then jump onto the second floor and push the trash can to the very right. Jump on top of it, then click on “ENTER SCHOOL”.
Go left until you see Manny. You’ll enter a mini-animation of you chasing him through the school. Then he’ll leave the school. Don’t go after him just yet, because you need something from Greg’s locker. (it’s the seventh locker of the second group from the door.) It’s pure white, unlike the others which have lined paper style backgrounds. Memorize the locker combo (Scrap of Paper, 9-37-15), then click on the locker and roll the dial to get it open. You’ll collect the “Twisted Wizard Game Guide.” Take this to Greg’s (forget about Manny for the time being.) He’s back to his video game again! EXAMINE the guide first to figure out Easy Mode. Use this on the Twisted Wizard game. This is the same as the one in your Games inventory; build a fort surrounding the wizard to protect him from three waves of ogres. Then, when they come, use your mouse to zap them forever! This part is very hard, even with cheats mode, because there are three waves. When you’re done, he’ll ask you to take the game disc back to Rowley’s. Head up the hill, and get ready for a tough mini-game!
Rowley’s House
When you get up to his house, you will find he’s not allowed outside his room. So you need to get inside! Ignore his warning, and jump up onto the car. The alarm will start, and when this happens, very quickly run to the left before Mr. Jefferson comes out and hide in the bushes (click “HIDE”.) Make sure you are behind the bush. After his dad leaves the screen, get out of hiding and click on his door (you may have to do this more than once.) If you get in, good! If you don’t (or you get the swirly loading mouse), then you’re doing something wrong. Most people don’t get past on their first tries, so don’t get discouraged! Once you learn the basics, it’s pretty easy.
Go all the way to the right, and into Rowley’s room. Talk to him to give him the video game. He’ll give you a Joshie Fan Club Membership Card as a reward. You don’t need the membership, but you need the card for something else. Get back to Greg’s house, and go all the way to the left to the jammed door. You will need the membership card to pry it open. Once you’re in, click on the electrical switchboard and turn off the power to Rodrick’s room. He will stop drumming and leave the house.
Whirley Street
Go into his room in the basement and go all the way left to collect the dog dish (SWEATY is supposed to be Sweetie, their dog.) Then get up and out of the house. You’ll see Rodrick has moved his van, so now you can get into the garage. All you need from here is the leaf blower. Once you’ve got that, get out of the house and go left to the snowman. Use the carrot, and then the leaf blower. You’ll rescue Fregley, and he’ll give you a Bingo troll as a reward. Then go all the way right, past the school, Leisure Towers, and onto Whirley Street. They will start pelting you with snowballs. See if you can evade them long enough for you to collect the shovel. Then get back and go all the way left again (lots of moving around now!) and onto Gramma’s Street. Get past the laundromat and into the house, and Gramma will tell you that if you shovel her driveway, she’ll drive around looking for Manny.
Get outside, and use the shovel. You’ll enter a fairly easy mini-game, where you have to shovel her driveway before your body temperature gets too low. My trick is that you click, hold, and sweep the shovel across and into the bank at the side. Then you can clean up any leftover snow. After you’re done with that, you’ll find that Gramma is leaving for Bingo. She tricked you! Now the only way to find Manny’s whereabouts is to play Bingo with her. Well, you can start by going right to Leisure Towers.
Grandpa’s Apartment
When you get into the reception lobby of Leisure Towers, you’ll find that you are not allowed in (I don’t suppose you’re older than 21…) So you’re gonna have to do this the hard way. Get outside the building and jump on top of the awnings to get to the next floor. Then go up. Now you’ll enter a really easy mini-game in which you have to climb up to Grandpa’s apartment (33C, if you read the address book.) Avoid standing on windowsills too long after the windows have opened, or you will be knocked of! Every ten floors, there will be a rest break, where you can relax for a while. After the first break, people will start dropping things on you. After the next one, the time you can stay on a windowsill is cut in half! My personal tip is to follow a certain pattern (going in random directions won’t help you as much as you think it might.) Another thing is that most of the time, the right column of apartments is the safest. You’ll notice no one is dropping anything from apartment 33C. Go in here. It is Grandpa’s room.
Wake him up by clicking on his chair. Talk to him, and he says that he will help you find Manny over lunch. Sit down with him, and get ready to choke down some terrible watercress salad! You’ll enter ANOTHER mini-game (by now you’re probably fed up with them, but hey, I didn’t invent this island!) in which you have to click as fast as you can to keep down your salad. This one is extremely hard, and depends purely on skill, so I can’t help you much. But I do have one trick: if you are on a laptop, plug in an external mouse (or use a Bluetooth mouse), so you can click at twice the speed for only a tiny bit more energy! But if you’re on a desktop, you’re out of luck! Oh, yeah, and another tip: don’t get distracted by what Grandpa is saying.
Bingo with Gramma
Whew! Glad that’s over! Luckily, you won’t have to do anything that hard again. Now, listen to Grandpa and then see the video. Don’t do anything crazy! We don’t have to chase Manny yet. Go right and out the door. Then go left, passing all the other apartments and then get into the elevator. Choose ground level, and soon you’ll find that you’re past that abusive intercom! But there’s no time for celebration, because Manny’s getting away, and you still have to meet Gramma. Go right, and into the Bingo Hall. Take out the Bingo Troll, and you’ll begin a game with three cards. This game is pretty straightforward, although it does take quite a lot of time to win. One tip, though: the “FREE” squares help LOTS. If you have four in a row, with only a free square in the way, mark it! The grand prize is a classical music CD.
With that over, the rest of the island is pretty simple. Go to the left edge of Main Street and into the Fast Mart. The owner is losing customers because of the teenagers hanging out in front of his store. Use the CD you got in Bingo, then click on the music panel and crank up the volume to full. The teenagers will soon clear out, and the owner will give you the wiper fluid. Go to the right edge of the School, and use the wiper fluid next to the guy there. He tells you to measure out four liters of wiper fluid. This is very easy. Just pour the jug into the dog dish, then fill the cup with the dog dish. Finally, pour the jug into the dish, and if 7 – 3 = 4, you’ve won! He will tell you that he is taking a break in the Fast Mart. No need to visit him there… Just go left and into Greg’s house.
Finding Manny
Oh, no! Greg’s glued to his video game again! This time he’s not getting off so easy… open the curtains next to him to get him off. He’ll suggest that Manny is looking for his blanket, Tingy. Using his advice, go all the way left onto Gramma’s Street. And look! Manny’s driving off in a stolen vehicle! Go after him, and you’ll soon find that he’s plowed away all the snow in front of the laundromat. Go inside and all the way left. There he is! But you’ve got to act fast, because Mom’s going to be home any minute now! And those rotten Whirley Street bullies are here! Help Greg push the snowball by dodging the snowballs long enough for you to click on the big snowball. It will roll down the hill, clearing the path. Now, you can sled home! In this next part, you are just sledding for fun. You can have some fun here for about a minute and a half. Whew! You made it home just in time! Greg’s mom is just pulling into the driveway.
Greg gives you the island medallion as reward for bailing him out. Well, at least you get SOMETHING for all your trouble…


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